Diehard Manhattanites who kvetch about crossing a bridge learn the error of their ways in Brooklyn Heights. These tree-lined streets are a study in 19th century New York architectural flair, including the 1880 Queen Anne that now houses the Brooklyn Historical Society. Nothing takes the edge off a New York summer like Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory's chocolate chunk with caramel sauce, enjoyed in the shade of the Brooklyn Bridge. The best sunset views of Manhattan are along Brooklyn Heights Promenade, but there's plenty of native Brooklyn quirk here too. When you need a beard trim and Yemeni lamb, look no further than the Brooklyn Heights brownstone housing Atlantic Barber/Yemeni CafŽ. Montague Street fashion boutiques deliver looks that travel easily uptown, downtown and upstate. Stop by New York Transit Museum to pose in vintage subway cars and hear hair-raising stories of building subway tunnels under the East River—though you may want to forget that on your subway ride back to Manhattan.
Getting Around New York City
The best way to get around New York is by walking and using the subway. The subway and bus system generally runs 24 hours, with some exceptions. Taxis are readily available, but traffic can make it a costly and slow option.
Nearby Airports
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport-JFK
  • LaGuardia Airport-LGA
  • Newark International Airport-EWR
Airport Taxis
  • $52 from JFK
  • $26 from LGA
  • $35 from EWR
  • (All rates are exclusive of bridge and tunnel tolls, which can range from $4-$6.)
Things to Do and See Near Brooklyn Heights