Grassy knolls and galleries define Chelsea -- but don't expect to spot them from the street. The High Line is a grass strip hovering 30 feet over 10th Ave, with wildflowers sprouting where railroad tracks used to be. Entrances every two blocks offer access to the High Line's bucolic paths and picnics in an outdoor ampitheatre. West of 10th Avenue, 200-plus galleries are nestled among the auto repair shops between 14th and 25th Streets. Occasionally, garage doorways have been cut away to reveal Yayoi Kusama's giant polka-dotted mushrooms and other modernist marvels. Breakthrough artistic talents await discovery inside industrial warehouses, especially at Friday evening receptions and openings the first Thursday of each month. To warm up for gallery walks and Eight Ave boutique trawls, hit the gyms, pool, batting cage, rock climbing wall and ice rink at Chelsea Piers.
Getting Around New York City
The best way to get around New York is by walking and using the subway. The subway and bus system generally runs 24 hours, with some exceptions. Taxis are readily available, but traffic can make it a costly and slow option.
Nearby Airports
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport-JFK
  • LaGuardia Airport-LGA
  • Newark International Airport-EWR
Airport Taxis
  • $52 from JFK
  • $26 from LGA
  • $35 from EWR
  • (All rates are exclusive of bridge and tunnel tolls, which can range from $4-$6.)
Things to Do and See Near Chelsea