The Bronx seems gruff at first, but only tourists buy that act. This northern borough is the destination of choice for New Yorkers under 12, lured by the gorillas, polar bears, and tigers at the Bronx Zoo. Whether you're rooting for the home team or giving them the old Bronx cheer, the crowd goes wild for games at the Bronx's Yankee Stadium. For a gourmet authenticity trip, skip Little Italy and head to the Italian delis along Bronx's Arthur Avenue. To answer the obvious question: yes, scenes from The Sopranos were shot here. If Manhattan's concrete jungle leaves you claustrophobic, find breathing room among the greenery at Bronx's New York Botanical Garden. Don't miss the Botanical Garden's annual holiday train show, featuring model trains chugging past New York landmarks made entirely of plants. The Bronx hasn't been Brooklynized, and remains an economically and ethnically mixed family neighborhood. New row houses, old high-rise housing projects, and chain stores in art deco buildings are all part of the Bronx scenery.
Getting Around New York City
The best way to get around New York is by walking and using the subway. The subway and bus system generally runs 24 hours, with some exceptions. Taxis are readily available, but traffic can make it a costly and slow option.
Nearby Airports
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport-JFK
  • LaGuardia Airport-LGA
  • Newark International Airport-EWR
Airport Taxis
  • $52 from JFK
  • $26 from LGA
  • $35 from EWR
  • (All rates are exclusive of bridge and tunnel tolls, which can range from $4-$6.)
Things to Do and See Near South Bronx