If you're in the East Bay for business, odds are you're headed to the Oakland suburb of Emeryville. The East Bay's most successful enterprises are headquartered here, including Pixar, Peet's Coffee, Clif Bar, and Jamba Juice. Once a Wild West port town with gambling halls and bordellos, Emeryville has gone legit and corporate, with megastores Ikea and Target along Emeryville's I80 exits. Emeryville's Amtrak depot has served as the Bay Area's railway hub since 1989, when the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged Oakland's 16th St. Station (redeveloped as a housing/retail complex). Packed into two square miles of reclaimed marshlands and converted industrial warehouses, Emeryville ends in mudflats and the occasional unauthorized public sculpture along Berkeley's Aquatic Park.
Getting Around Oakland
The best way to get around downtown Oakland and Berkeley is by walking and using the BART (subway/metro). Fares are calculated based on distance and generally range from $3-$6. Driving will allow better access to some residential areas.
Nearby Airports
  • San Francisco International Airport-SFO
  • Oakland International Airport-OAK
Airport Taxis
  • $68 from SFO to Downtown Oakland
  • $30 from OAK to Downtown Oakland
  • $85 from SFO to Downtown Berkeley
  • $45 from OAK to Downtown Berkeley
Things to Do and See Near Emeryville