The eternal question: Pat's or Geno's? No matter which vendor you choose, Passyunk/Italian Market is the place to taste a real Philly cheesesteak, the official food of Philadelphia. Take a stroll through the Italian Market and pick up gourmet meats, cheeses and pastries from famed businesses like DiBruno Bros. and Claudio's Specialty Foods. Get the Paesano or Arista hoagie from Paesano's II or try the original tomato pie from Santucci's. A local secret: stop by the pretzel bakeries along Passyunk and Washington Avenue around midnight to try a soft pretzel straight from the oven.
Getting Around Philadelphia
The best way to get around Philadelphia is by walking. The city's extensive bus, trolley, subway and train system is useful for cross-town adventures. An $11 day pass makes the most sense for visitors.
Nearby Airports
  • Philadelphia International Airport-PHL
Airport Taxis
  • $28.50-flat rate to Central Philadelphia
Things to Do and See Near Passyunk / Italian Market