This neighborhood is held together by the ReBuilding Center, a funky clearinghouse for used home furnishings like cabinets, windows, tile, and light fixtures. Restaurants, food carts, coffee shops, and yoga centers cater to the center's visitors. This neighborhood is rich in color, history, and diversity, featuring Portlanders at their quirky best.
Getting Around Portland
The best way to get around Portland is by using public transportation and walking. Portland's public transit TriMet buses and light-rail trains are accessible and efficient. You can hop on the light-rail from the Portland International Airport (PDX) and get into the city for $2.50, which is much cheaper than cab fare. Day passes work on all forms of Portland public transit and begin at $5 for adults.
Nearby Airports
  • Portland International Aiport-PDX
Airport Taxis
  • $35
Things to Do and See Near Mississippi Avenue