The Haight is the spiritual home of the Summer of Love. Today the neighborhood clings to its long-haired roots, with plenty of head shops on Haight and stoners paying respects to the former Grateful Dead house on Ashbury. Upper Haight to the west is a prime vintage shopping destination, though scruffy around the edges. Skateboarders take the downhill slide to Lower Haight, for seasonal brews on tap at Toranado and Burning Man planning at NocNoc.
Getting Around San Francisco
The best way to get around San Francisco is by walking, taxi and public transit. Parking can be expensive ($20-$40 depending on location). Street parking can be difficult to find and is often limited to two hours or less. San Francisco's MUNI operates trolleys, cable cars, and buses throughout the city. Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) serves as a major artery of San Francisco as well as several surrounding cities.
Nearby Airports
  • San Francisco International Airport-SFO
  • Oakland International Airport-OAK
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport-SJC
Airport Taxis
  • From SFO-$37
  • From OAK-$50
  • From SJC-$145
Things to Do and See Near The Haight