Picture San Jose in simpler, pre-digital times, and you're halfway to Willow Glen already. The Brady Bunch would fit right into this family-oriented neighborhood, where streets are shaded with trees and mom-and-pop shop awnings. The neighborhood's 1920s-50s bungalows seem worlds away from supersized McMansions in surrounding communities. Driving down the main drag of Lincoln Avenue is a nostalgia trip, with its candy stores, coffee shops, delis, and diners. The chains are mostly local, though the fare is oddly middle American for California—on the upside, parents won't need to ask twice for booster seats in these family-friendly joints. If you need your mustache trimmed or updo hairsprayed, look no further: barber shops and storefront salons abound in Willow Glen.
Getting Around San Jose
The best way to get around San Jose and Silicon Valley is by car. If staying in downtown San Jose, public transportation is effective. CalTrain connects San Jose to Palo Alto and San Francisco. Parking in the area is generally plentiful and inexpensive.
Nearby Airports
  • San Francisco International Airport-SFO
  • Oakland International Airport-OAK
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport-SJC
Airport Taxis
  • From SFO-$120
  • From OAK-$120
  • From SJC-$17
Things to Do and See Near Willow Glen