Seattle's largest neighborhood is geographically isolated from the rest of the city because of the rail lines (crossed by only three bridges) that separate it from Queen Anne. Magnolia is mostly a residential district, but it hosts one of Seattle's premier recreational attractions. Discovery Park is the city's largest public park, with 534 acres crossed by 12 miles of hiking trails. The park was originally a U.S. Army base called Fort Lawton, and many of the military structures still stand. The three-mile loop trail is a popular hike through densely wooded undergrowth to blufftop views overlooking Puget Sound. The United Indians of All Tribes Daybreak Cultural Center is located within the park boundaries, and blackberry picking is popular in fall.
Getting Around Seattle
The best way to get around Seattle is by walking and using public transit. The LINK Light Rail is efficient and inexpensive. If you plan on exploring the greater Seattle area, a car is a better option. The LINK will take you downtown from the airport for about $2.50 in about 30 minutes.
Nearby Airports
  • Seattle Tacoma International Airport-SEA
Airport Taxis
  • $45
Things to Do and See Near Magnolia