If it is possible for a tourist trap to be quaint and authentic, Tarpon Springs manages it. Though the pier looks like a backdrop for one of the Jaws films, the Tarpon Springs sponge docks only appear touristy. These docks serve a thriving community of Greek sponge divers, who still take their boats out daily. They don heavy, old-fashioned diving bells and weighted boots to find natural sponges in the warm Gulf Stream, and sell them in the tourist shops throughout the area. Tarpon Springs has few hotels, but its antique shops and Greek eateries along the main strip make for a pleasant afternoon. If you are the romantic type, no beach in the area can rival Tarpon's Sunset Beach, where seagulls fly in silhouette against pink skies.
Getting Around Tampa
The best way to get around Tampa is by car. While public transit exists, the system can be confusing to visitors. If staying downtown during your entire visit, you might forgo a car and use the TECO Line Streetcar instead.
Nearby Airports
  • Tampa International Airport-TPA
Airport Taxis
  • $25 Flat Rate
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