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“International flights to Buenos Aires will arrive into Ezeiza International Airport (EZE).”

Flying into Beautiful Buenos Aires

Smells of grilled meat off the parrilla (grill, in Spanish) will waft over you, and the energy of the passionate night owls of the Argentine capital will leave you feeling alive even after a short visit. With a rich culture influenced by its mix of European and Latin roots, there isn't quite another city like Buenos Aires. Some say it and Madrid, Spain, share surprising similarities in their city structures. But it's the people who truly make this Latin American city so unforgettable.
Hotels in Buenos Aires
Exe Hotel Colón
$39 avg/night
Reconquista Garden Hotel
$29 avg/night
Claridge Hotel
$60 avg/night
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More About Flights to Buenos Aires

With all our daydreaming of sexy tango dancers and mouth-watering barbecues, where do you even start when planning a trip to Buenos Aires? Here we'll answer all your questions about flights and travel to and from this city.

What should I know when booking my flight?

Flying to Buenos Aires from the United States involves a long flight no matter what city you're coming from. Think nine-plus hours with most direct flights originating from the East Coast cities. However, some flights from the East Coast have layovers in Santiago de Chile, Chile (airport code SCL). Some of the most common airlines you'll find flying from the United States to Argentina will be Aerolineas Argentinas, Chile's LAN Airlines, and Brazil's TAM Airlines. International flights to Buenos Aires will arrive into Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) just 45 minutes from the city center.

Remember that Argentina's seasons are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. So booking a trip during the summer months in the United States will mean cooler temperatures in Buenos Aires, and trips during December holidays will mean hot temperatures in the 90 degree Fahrenheit/35 degree Celsius range.

What's the best way to get to and from the airport?

Driving in Argentina is not recommended for tourists, although car rental services are available at the airport. The safest and most reliable bus service to the city center is via Tienda León, which offers bus services every half hour. Remis services, a private car with driver, will take you to convenient locations in the center of Buenos Aires. You can reserve your service before you take off online. A bus to the city center will cost about USD$15 or ARS$130 per person, but remember the exchange rate always varies, so check before you travel.

Taxi Ezeiza has a taxi booth stand in the middle of the airport lobby where you pay the fee for your in-town destination. A guide will escort you out the door to your waiting taxi. These will cost around ARS$400 or USD$47 per taxi.

Where should I stay in Buenos Aires?

As with any major city, visitors can stay in one of many neighborhoods with different personalities. San Telmo and Recoleta are central locations that top the list to visit. San Telmo is Buenos Aires' oldest neighborhood, filled with tango parlors, cafes, museums, and old cobblestone streets while Recoleta is the more affluent neighborhood just a few blocks north of the old city. Filled with historical and architectural interest, it's an important tourist destination and cultural center of the city.

Favorite hotels to stay at while visiting Buenos Aires include Hotel Scala Buenos Aires by Cambremon, Be Trimos Hotel, and Telmho Hotel Boutique, all of which are conveniently located to Illuminated Block and Plaza de Mayo in the neighborhood of San Telmo. Design CE Hotel de Diseño is in Recoleta, where you'll feel like royalty with a personal spa tub to relax in after a day out in the city.

Any other travel tips?

If you're traveling to Argentina on a United States passport, you must pay an entrance fee of $160 per person online before your flight and have the printed document in-hand before you board. For travelers with a passport from any other country, check entry requirements before booking your flights.

You can exchange your money upon landing at the Banco de la Nación Argentina, located in the airport's lobby. As the exchange rate is always changing, keep an eye out for the official rate before your visit.

Lastly, learning some Spanish before visiting will only help to make your visit more rewarding. You can search for basic phrases to help you in restaurants, hotels, and taxis. Locals will recognize and appreciate your efforts even if there is some miscommunication. And remember, always smile; you're in Buenos Aires, Argentina.