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Flying into Beautiful Charleston

Charleston, SC welcomes millions of people each year to its international airport, CHS. Use the following information to make your trip easy when you join the throngs flocking to this gorgeous southern city.
Hotels in Charleston
The Dewberry Charleston
$220 avg/night
Creekside Lands Inn
$75 avg/night
Town & Country Inn and Suites
$109 avg/night
Comfort Suites West of the Ashley
$89 avg/night
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More About Flights to Charleston

Choose CHS

The Charleston County Aviation Authority operates three public airports: Charleston International Airport (CHS), Charleston Executive Airport (JZI), and Mount Pleasant Regional Airport. Since the latter two don't cater to commercial airline passengers, CHS is your best bet.

This international hub is a joint civilian/military airport, with all the runways owned by the Air Force and Joint Base Charleston. That doesn't make it any less welcoming, though. The airport has ample parking, taxi rental car services, and restaurants to make your travel experience a breeze.

Cheap Flights to Charleston

CHS services six major airlines, so you have a range of flight options to get you to charming Charleston. Southwest Airlines* is notably affordable, but if you check prices often and book your flight well in advance, you can score comparable rates through other airlines, including Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

Look for Non-Metered Transportation

You came all the way to Charleston from NYC or from Chicago, but sometimes the most grueling part of the journey is getting out of the airport to your final destination. If your hotel offers free airport shuttle service, you don't have to think twice about how to get to your lodging.

However, if you don't have the advantage of free shuttle service, you must choose between metered and non-metered transportation from the airport. Metered transportation, such as that via taxi cab, can cost twice as much (or more) as non-metered transportation (such as a shuttle or bus), but it is also faster. 

The airport is about 11 miles from downtown, so you can use the 20-minute drive to relax while you head into the city's most exciting area.

Visit in Winter

Charleston is a magnet for tourists, thanks to its sparkling beaches, gorgeous weather, and rich culture. The city attracts the most people in spring, summer, and autumn, so hotel rates and flight tickets generally cost more in those seasons. 

Go to Charleston in December, January, or February. This will make your travel bill lighter, and you won't miss out on much; the city hardly ever experiences temperatures below 40 degrees. If you want the most options for your trip, use Hipmunk to view what airlines and hotels can offer you to make the most of this southern gem.

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