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“As Dubrovnik sees so many tourists, they’ve planned ahead and made getting into town a breeze.”

Flying into Beautiful Dubrovnik

Are you planning an exotic trip to Dubrovnik and looking for tips to make you feel like less of an outsider? One of the more popular spots in Croatia, the quaint city of Dubrovnik draws over ten times more visitors per year than it has residents, so you're not alone! Even so, the city has maintained a wonderful balance in preserving its culture and tradition while accepting guests from all over the globe. Read on to learn how to find your way around this popular, inviting, and historic destination.
Hotels in Dubrovnik
Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel
$95 avg/night
Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik
$88 avg/night
Sun Gardens Dubrovnik
$109 avg/night
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More About Flights to Dubrovnik

How do I Get to Dubrovnik On a Budget?

Dubrovnik Airport is served by over 15 airlines from all over the world, so they are able to offer competitive pricing regardless of your point of origin. If you want to save money more than you want comfort, take the die-hard traveler's route and fly into Zagreb, which is normally a cheaper destination airport. From Zagreb, you can take a night bus -- it’s 12 hours, so prepare yourself -- and wake up in Dubrovnik. These buses normally cost around 200 Kuna ($30) and are punctual, though you cannot buy the tickets online.

Do you like adventure? There is also the option of the train from Zagreb to Split, which takes six to eight hours, costs approximately 175 Kuna ($25), and is undoubtedly more comfortable and scenic. From Split, there are buses to Dubrovnik which take four hours, cost 125 Kuna ($18), and pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina briefly.

How Can I Book a Cheap Flight to Dubrovnik?

As always, make sure you are using a private browser to ensure your cookies do not give away all your flight search secrets. Companies track this, and your prices will consequentially grow higher with each search.

Hipmunk’s search system shows round trip flights from Los Angeles, California (LAX) to Dubrovnik (DBV) for around $1,110, and from New York City (NYC) for about $999, both with 50 days' advance purchase. You can also find good rates, albeit on more complicated routes, by piecing together an itinerary on budget European airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet.

How do I Get to And From Dubrovnik Airport?

It’s a small city, but fear not, the airport offers all the resources you would expect. As Dubrovnik sees so many tourists, they’ve planned ahead and made getting into town a breeze. The Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle is run by Atlas Agency and runs from the airport to Dubrovnik’s main bus station. This takes between 30 to 40 minutes and costs 35 Kuna (wich is approximately $5).

There is a taxi stand at the main departures exit, and cabs are available 24 hours a day. The average fare to the center of Dubrovnik is 250 Kuna (or approximately $40). You are also able to reserve a taxi ahead of time by phone, but it’s not necessary.

If you’d rather drive than rely on public transport, then make the most of your trip by renting a car. You can pre-book these online for much less than you'd pay at the airport counter, so save a little extra money by reserving your car before your trip.

What Hotels are Near Dubrovnik Airport?

The airport is roughly 20 kilometers from the city center, so for those early flights or long layovers, there’s nothing like the convenience of being near the airport.

Villa Nick is only five minutes by taxi to the airport, and the hotel offers that home-away-from-home feel. With living rooms, kitchenette, WiFi, television, and all the other amenities of home, as well as a local host to greet you and give you the lay of the land, there is nothing left to be desired.

How would you like to feel like you're one of the family? You can have that experience at Villa Adria. The owners welcome guests heartily, often sharing food and drinks. They extend a warm spirit of hospitality, and always try their best to make your stay as perfect as possible. The guest house is in close proximity to supermarkets and restaurants, and is nine kilometers away from the airport, making it the perfect getaway spot. Remember to ask for a room with a sea view -- it’s an unforgettable sight.

Now that the world has discovered the beauty of Dubrovnik, the tourism industry has boomed, and in some cases, taken prices with it. Not to worry, a little research goes a long way, and with this information, you’re halfway there.