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Flying into Beautiful East Elmhurst

Flying into East Elmhurst means you have plenty of options. La Guardia Airport is there, while JFK and Newark are 30-45 minutes away. With a number of airports in the vicinity, and cheap, accessible public transportation, finding the cheapest flight involves research and comparison. Depending on where you're flying from, the ticket prices can vary greatly between airports. If you're overwhelmed by the options and underwhelmed by the flight locator tools you've used, Hipmunk can help. Here are some suggestions to help you find the best deals if you plan on visiting East Elmhurst.
Hotels in East Elmhurst
The New Yorker A Wyndham Hotel
$110 avg/night
Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
$114 avg/night
Paramount Times Square
$86 avg/night
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More About Flights to East Elmhurst

What Airport Options Do I Have?

La Guardia is located in East Elmhurst. However, JFK and Newark (New Jersey) are also good options. JFK often offers the best deals because it's the home base for discount airline JetBlue. While New York City is busy year round, fall and spring often bring the best deals.

Are Ticket Prices the Same at all NYC/NJ Airports?

No. JFK often offers the best flight deals, but if you're staying in East Elmhurst, don't forget the added transportation costs from the airport. An airline ticket price difference of $50 may not offer much savings when adding in the cost of getting there.

What Public Transportation Costs Should I Consider?

If you’re flying into La Guardia, you could take a bus for around $2 or a taxi. If you fly into JFK, the 30-minute cab ride to Elmhurst will cost $40-50. Flying into Newark will run $60-75. You can take an airport-to-airport shuttle for about half of the cab rate but will need to find your way from the airport.

Are There Any Nearby Hotels?

There are many East Elmhurst NY hotels, averaging around $150 a night. The greatest choices are around the airport or in nearby Flushing. Long Island City offers cheaper rooms than East Elmhurst.

Any Other Travel Tips?

Consider your preferred airline. JFK offers the most choices with JetBlue, Delta, and American Airlines.  JFK handles much of the international flights, as La Guardia is mostly domestic. Also, JFK and Newark are newer airports, where La Guardia is much older.