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“By most accounts, the best way to get to and from the airport is via rental car.”

Flying into Beautiful Kamuela

Is it your first time visiting Hawaii, let alone Kamuela? Are you overwhelmed by how many things you need to know to make your trip go smoothly? Located on the Big Island, Kamuela, also known as Waimea, is a gorgeous, largely unspoiled part of Hawaii known for its luxury spas and fabulous golf courses. Because taking a trip to Hawaii can really tug on the purse strings, finding inexpensive flights to Kamuela is a priority for many. Book as long in advance as you can so that your pocketbook will feel as good as you do when you’re lying out on Hapuna Beach.
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How Do I Book a Flight to Kamuela?

Flights into Kamuela arrive at Waimea–Kohala Airport. This small airport is serviced by one airline, Mokulele Airlines. People booking flights to Kamuela must first book a flight into one of Hawaii’s bigger airports, such as on Maui or Oahu. From there, you’ll connect to a Mokulele flight flying into Kamuela. Use sites such as to book all your travel so that you can be confident that you’re getting the best, least expensive flight you can to Kamuela.

What’s the Best Way to Get to and from the Airport?

By most accounts, the best way to get to and from the airport is via rental car. You can also take public transportation by using the Kona–Hilo bus route, which passes by the airport and operates throughout town. Taking the bus is a great option for a traveler who wants to save money, but be aware that the bus ride can be long, and pickup times are not always reliable.

Are There Any Nearby Hotels?

One of the closest hotels to the airport is the Castle Waimea Country Lodge, located about two miles away. This quaint lodge offers free Wi-Fi and tastefully decorated kitchenettes and serves fresh locally grown coffee every morning. It’s also 15 minutes away from Hapuna Beach, perfect for when you’re ready to ride some waves.

What’s Waimea–Kohala Airport Like? 

Serviced by a single public airline and by private planes, Waimea–Kohala Airport is extremely small. It consists of a single asphalt runway set in the middle of 90 green acres. In 2013, people were thrilled to see it resume regular commercial service, preventing travelers from having to fly into Kona instead, a 40-mile journey from Kamuela.