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Flying into Beautiful Long Island City

With its proximity to New York City, picturesque beaches, and historical neighborhoods, it's no wonder Long Island is a popular destination for travelers the world over. Located on Long Island are LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport, which makes it easy to find the perfect flight at a great price. There are some travel pointers to keep in mind when booking a flight to lovely Long Island.
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Fly to the Biggest Three Airports in the Area

LaGuardia and JFK are a short drive away from Long Island City. It is the gateway to the rest of the neighborhoods, along Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Along with LaGuardia and JFK International Airport, Long Island has a third major airport nearby: Newark Liberty International. Because of the numerous airport options, there are always plenty of flights and routes to choose from when flying to Long Island. Flights into New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport are often cheaper.

Keep in mind that Newark Liberty is about 35 minutes away from Long Island City, with numerous toll roads along the way. The lesser-known MacArthur Airport is a fourth option. However, it usually only serves connector flights for local travelers looking for an alternative to JFK and LaGuardia.

Choose a Larger Airline

Although airlines like Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier all fly to the airports in the area, it's usually more cost-effective to book flights to Long Island through major airlines like Delta, United, and US Airways. These larger airline companies service LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty with hundreds of flights a week, which results in lower fares.

Likewise, the larger airlines usually provide more nonstop flight options from cities all around the east coast. There are quick direct flights to Long Island from cities like Atlanta, Orlando, and Charlotte. Flights from the Midwest and the west coast are just as convenient and usually involve one layover. 

Avoid the Holidays When Flying to Long Island 

LaGuardia is one of the busiest airports in the country during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's best to avoid flying to Long Island during the holiday season. JFK International and Newark Liberty do provide some overflow relief, but these airports can become just as congested with holiday travelers. For the best airfare to Long Island, book flights during the shoulder seasons like late summer and early spring.