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“Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay serves as the perfect entry point to escape it all.”

Flying into Beautiful Montego Bay

Looking to save money on a trip to Jamaica? Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay is the gateway to paradise for nearly 3/4 of Jamaica's 1.7 million annual visitors. MBJ offers the best deals to Jamaica, and it's in the heart of Montego Bay's tourism area, where many cheap hotels are available (several are under $100 a night), including the Grandiosa Hotel, the Gloucestershire Hotel, and Doctors Cave Beach Hotel.
Hotels in Montego Bay
Castle Vue B&B
$70 avg/night
El Greco Resort
$96 avg/night
Altamont West Hotel
$67 avg/night
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More About Flights to Montego Bay

Fly into or Around Jamaica

MBJ offers domestic and international flights as well as direct flights to or from 51 cities. Forty plus airlines fly into MBJ, including American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, and US Airways, so finding a cheap flight from New York, or most metropolitan areas isn't difficult.

Check Out the Hotel Lounge

Many of the large resorts offer shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. Guests traveling to Sandals, Half Moon, Couples, or Club Mobay relax in the comfortable hotel lounges as they await the shuttles. Many tour companies also offer lounges at the airport, so guests should verify transportation arrangements with their resorts before arranging individual car service.

For those travelers requiring car service, MBJ offers rentals and taxis. Guests should consider how often they plan on leaving the resort and their comfort level with driving on the left side of the road before renting a car. Visitors can save money by taking a taxi instead of renting a car. Two cab companies serve MBJ and rides are available through the Taxi Desk just outside of the Customs area. 

Late Fall Means the Best Deals

The best time to visit is late October through December when temperatures are balmy, crowds are fewer, and deals are available. Summer travel also offers deep discounts with bargain hotel rooms and last-minute flight deals due to hurricane season.

For visitors on a budget and those who want to avoid the crowds, don't book a vacation to Montego Bay during high season of January to March. 

Enjoy Jamaica's Natural Wonders

Jamaica boasts many natural wonders, including miles of sugary sand beaches, Blue Mountains National Park, and Dunn's River Falls. For guests staying in Montego Bay, the falls is a 2-hour drive by bus. The breathtaking seaside scenery of the trip to Ocho Rios is almost as delightful as the terraced falls.

Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay serves as the perfect entry point to escape it all.