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Flying into Beautiful Niagara Falls

Gear up for the trip of a lifetime to visit one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders, Niagara Falls. But how do you reach this northern destination that straddles the U.S. and Canadian borders? Fly right in, of course. There is a bustling international airport that provides easy access to the cities and the attraction itself.
Hotels in Niagara Falls
Hilton Niagara Falls
$101 avg/night
Sheraton on the Falls Hotel
$77 avg/night
Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino
$70 avg/night
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More About Flights to Niagara Falls

This little corner of the world packs a big punch, located between Buffalo, New York, and Toronto, Ontario. There are two cities, both called Niagara Falls, which hold roots in the United States and Canada, respectively. The actual waterfalls, also by the same name, are found on both banks. Niagara Falls on the Canadian side is a 2,600 horseshoe-shaped waterfall that stands more than 180 feet from top to bottom. This is the biggest and most popular one tourists visit year-round.

How Do I Book a Flight?

In the middle of Niagara Falls, New York, is Niagara Falls International Airport, which serves several major cities in North America. Currently, most direct flights come from Florida and South Carolina. Carriers include Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air.

There are a couple other options for flying to Niagara Falls, including the bigger hubs of Buffalo and Toronto. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport welcomes more than five million passengers every year and hosts major carriers such as Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, American, United, and US Airways. Toronto has nearly seven times as many passengers flying through its airspace, but it’s more complicated to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto Pearson International Airport, as Lake Ontario is in the way of a direct route.

How Should I Get to and From the Airport?

Public transportation is a safe and cheap way to reach downtown Buffalo and the New York side of Niagara Falls from the airport. There is a simple bus service that links to Metro rail stops once passengers are downtown. If traveling with little luggage, you can hop aboard chartered buses at the airport to start touring right away. Otherwise, rental cars are available at the on-site kiosk center, with multiple carriers to choose from.

There are also plenty of private car, taxi, limo, and bus services that work mutually in Canada and the United States if you're planning to travel in both countries. Contact these companies in advance, or seek them out upon arrival at the taxi stand.

Where are the Best Nearby Hotels?

Niagara Falls, Canada, provides hotels to suit everyone from big families to business travelers. Most high-end accommodations lie as close to the Niagara River as possible, with more budget options, such as motels and lodges, on the outskirts of the city. The Tower Hotel has some of the best views of Horseshoe Falls while the Radisson and Marriott hotels next door are just as comfortable. Head down the river and find a cozy Sheraton as well as a reliable Days Inn that is sure to satisfy all types of travelers.

What Activities are There at the Falls?

Get ready to explore the beauty that is Canada: a bit of nature, a dash of entertainment, and a lot of great grub. Experience the Horseshoe Falls with a ride on the Maid of the Mist. This ferry takes passengers right where the water breaks on its descent. The Journey Behind the Falls is another way to get up close and personal with the power of water. Just make sure to borrow a poncho for this hike. If you'd rather stay dry, simply take the elevator up the nearby Skylon Tower to enjoy panoramic views of all three waterfalls.

Do You Have Any More Tips?

The strip by the falls is a little kitschy but a lot of fun. Spend the afternoon visiting Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum, the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, and the Clifton Hill amusement park. Taxis and rideshares are common for getting around, but renting a car is also doable when planning daytrips from hotels in Niagara Falls.

If you plan to hop borders, bring a passport. As of 2009, all foreign citizens need one to enter Canada and the United States. Bring currency for both countries as well, although most major credit cards work fine on either side.

Once you book your flight to Niagara Falls, the rest of the trip should be a breeze. Get there quickly from Buffalo and relax, soaking in the beauty of such a remarkable place between two countries.