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Flying into Beautiful North Charleston

North Charleston sits back from the main city of Charleston, South Carolina. North Charleston's location is at the headwaters of the Cooper River just before it drains into the delta. As such, the natural beauty of North Charleston makes this a city of riverfront parks and scenic venues. The local culture is heavy with art, music, and festivals. The city is a tourist haven thanks in part to the cheap flights to and from North Charleston. 
Hotels in North Charleston
Town & Country Inn and Suites
$99 avg/night
Creekside Lands Inn
$69 avg/night
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More About Flights to North Charleston

How Do I Book a Cheap Flight to North Charleston, South Carolina?

Flights to North Charleston are easy to book online. The Charleston International Airport offers direct flights from North Charleston to many destinations within the United States. Thanks to several discount airlines that serve the airport, cheap flights to North Charleston add economic incentive to visit this beautiful city. 

What’s the Best Way to Get to and From the Airport?

The Charleston International Airport is well served by local transportation. The easiest way to get to and from the airport is via a rental car, though there is plenty of short and long-term parking for those who want to drive themselves. The local hotels offer free shuttles, and there are a few shuttles that help to connect to outside transportation hubs. The CERTA bus also delivers airport passengers to various points around Charleston and North Charleston. 

Are There Any Nearby Hotels?

If you want a cheap hotel to go with your cheap flight to North Charleston, you are in luck. The Raddison Hotel Charleton Airport is a three-star hotel with awesome rates. The Holiday Inn Charleston Airport has better guest reviews and is also a three-star hotel. Either hotel option is perfect for early morning flights from North Charleston. 

Where Do Most People Who Visit North Charleston Come From?

The city with the most flights from North Charleston is Atlanta, Georgia. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the second most traveled to city from North Charleston. 

Are There Any Additional Travel Tips?

For cheap flights check the fares from JetBlue or ExpressJet. Both airlines offer cheap and discounted, no-frills flights into North Charleston.