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“Omaha's recent boom in tourism has resulted in many additional flights and new hotels opening in 2015.”

Flying into Beautiful Omaha

Omaha is one of the most beautiful and adventure-packed cities in the Midwest. An hour northeast of Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital, it is nestled against the Missouri River and presents a vast array of indoor and outdoor recreation for visitors and residents. More than four million people flew into Omaha during 2014. More people are discovering its charm and appeal each year and the increased attention has created more travel options. If you’re having trouble deciding on flights or hotels, read on for tips on how to get to Omaha and how to find the perfect hotel for your stay.
Hotels in Omaha
Ameristar Casino Hotel Council Bluffs
$94 avg/night
Hotel Deco
$84 avg/night
Hilton Omaha
$78 avg/night
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More About Flights to Omaha

How Easy Is It to Fly in to Omaha?

Eppley Airport is a mid-size hub, meaning you’ll be in and out of it quickly. Southwest and Delta have many direct flights. Car rentals like Budget and Alamo are on terminal grounds. The airport has restaurants and stores to explore, including the legendary Omaha Steaks chain. Short-hop flights into Omaha can be as cheap as $60 USD and flights from either end of the country can be found for less than $300 USD.

What Should I know Before Flying in to Omaha?

Omaha is an easy city to navigate. The airport is slightly north of downtown with easy access to freeways in every direction. Traffic is usually light, even during rush hour. 

What Kind of Hotels Will I Find in Omaha?

You’ll find the right hotel no matter what you need. High-end resorts like the Wyndham Riverfront will make you feel pampered. You may prefer a no-frills motel that offers clean and affordable rooms, such as the EconoLodge. The Hampton Inn connects directly to the Ameristar Casino.  

Are There Any Additional Travel Tips I Should Know About?

The riverfront area should not be missed. The beautiful lights and trails are a testament to the grandeur of the Missouri River. Read the historical plaques around the area to share in the rich history of Nebraska. Omaha's recent boom in tourism has resulted in many additional flights and new hotels opening in 2015. Compare the different flights and hotels available to make sure you find the deal that works best for you.