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Flying into Beautiful Orlando

With so many airlines flying in and out of Orlando International Airport, it can be challenging to determine which offer the cheapest flights. Attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center make Orlando International Airport the busiest airport in Florida. Orlando International Airport ranks as the 14th busiest in the U.S. with almost 17 million passengers passing through annually. Many great airlines fly into the city regularly, and it is simple to get to and from the airport. Booking a cheap flight to Orlando does not need to be a complicated process. Start planning your ideal Orlando vacation now, and there will be no shortage of affordable flights to this popular U.S. destination.
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Finding Cheap Flights to Orlando

Orlando is a popular destination year-round attracting millions of visitors annually. In fact, Orlando welcomed 59 million visitors in 2013 and set a record for a U.S. destination. By comparison, New York City expects to tally 55 million visitors in 2014. These numbers say a lot about the popularity of Orlando as a destination and even more about how many flights fly in and out of the city every day. Orlando International is a busy airport, and there are cheap flights to be found.

Flexible dates around holidays and avoiding peak travel dates are the best ways to find cheap flights to Orlando. Booking last-minute flights might yield last-minute deals, but the smartest planning technique is to research flights a few months before departure. Setting up a fare alert is a great way to watch for cheap flights. Fare alerts will check flights to Orlando and let you know when the flights are cheapest by email.

Remember that cheap flights might be accompanied by multiple stops and early departures. Keep this in mind when booking a cheap flight. Arriving in Orlando early in the morning is great for maximizing the day, but it will also mean that the hotel is likely not ready for check-in. Plan ahead and book the flight that suits your travel needs best.

Avoid Holidays and Spring Break

Great weather year-round means that there is never a true off-season in Orlando. However, there are peak times to avoid to book the cheapest flights. Spring break and long weekends such as Memorial Day are peak travel times for families. Peak travel times mean high airfare. When school is out, Orlando is at its highest capacity. Families flock to the theme parks all year-long. Peak airfare can be expected during school vacations; avoid those travel dates when in search of cheap airfare to Orlando. Also, expect higher hotel prices and families filling every shuttle to the theme parks.

Choose travel dates around early fall, February, and May to avoid the majority of the tourists. Consider searching for cheap flights to Orlando a few days before or after peak travel dates if you must travel during peak times. This will bring down the airfare as well as the accommodation costs. A big key to cheap flights and accommodation is flexibility. Many airfare studies show weekdays, specifically Tuesdays, are the cheapest days to fly. Flying in and out of Orlando on a weekend might be a convenient option, but it will also increase the overall travel costs. Accommodation costs are inflated, and theme park lines are long. This is why you should consider traveling on off-peak dates, which offer better deals and a more pleasant experience.

How to Get to Orlando

Orlando International Airport offers direct flights to 117 cities. Seventy-four airlines operate out of it, and 728 international flights depart from Orlando International every week. This makes finding a cheap flight to Orlando easier than many international airports due to the variety of popular airlines departing daily.

Direct flights to Orlando are often accompanied by higher airfare. Only consider this option if travel duration is a priority. Traveling with kids can be challenging when there are multiple layovers and long travel days. All major domestic airlines fly into Orlando. You should select your flight based on price, duration, and the number of layovers that suit your travel needs best.

Consider Nearby Airports When Flying to Orlando

A great method for booking a cheap flight is searching for alternative airports near your final destination. The closest airport to Orlando International is Central Florida Regional Airport; it is just 19 miles away. However, only five airlines operate out of Central Florida Regional Airport and fly to just 58 cities. This regional airport is an option for some; but for the majority, consider larger nearby airports that will offer a larger choice of fares and operating airlines.

The Daytona Beach airport is not far at only 50 miles from Orlando International, and the Tampa airport is just 80 miles away. For travelers with limited days off to travel or for those who are traveling with families, this might not be a suitable option. Flying into a nearby airport adds to the total transit time and will make for a longer day of travel. Longer travel days mean less time enjoying a vacation, so take this into consideration before booking a flight to a nearby airport.

However, if you are already planning on renting a car, flying to an airport near Orlando is a viable option to consider. When the airfare savings offset the extra travel time, nearby airports are always worth considering. When searching for flights to Orlando, don't forget to check flights to Daytona Beach and Tampa. They might offer lower fares or even direct flights to help you make your decision.

Getting From the Airport to the Hotel

Upon arriving at Orlando International, passengers will have several ground transportation options should they forego a car rental to the city center. Orlando is only seven miles from the airport. Once you're at your hotel, you don't need a car as long as your hotel offers shuttles to the theme parks and attractions.

The main terminal at Orlando International offers a taxi stand, bus stop, and shuttle vans from level one. Once you arrive at the hotel, know that Orlando is highly connected with transportation options to the main attractions. Many Orlando hotels, resorts, and theme parks offer shuttles to and from the parks. The large theme parks also offer a monorail and ferries to cover the vast distances between attractions.

Disney World offers free transportation among all its parks. For those staying outside the parks, consider renting a car. Shuttles from hotels are reliable options, but be sure to plan ahead and account for the extra travel time to the destination. Renting a car is only necessary if you plan to sightsee outside the areas covered by the shuttles or within the parks.

Climate in Orlando

The weather in Orlando is welcoming throughout late fall and winter with low humidity. Expect May through September to be accompanied by high humidity and the possibility of afternoon storms, but don't expect that to scare away the crowds. It doesn't. Late fall offers the best weather, and Thanksgiving is typically the least crowded of the major holidays. Take weather into consideration when planning a trip to Orlando; but since Orlando is a year-round destination, airfare should be the top priority.

Best Attractions Near Orlando

Orlando is home to amazing attractions for families, couples, and singles alike. Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Legoland, and Gatorland have something for everyone. Plan ahead by purchasing tickets to parks online. At Disney World buy a FastPass to beat the lines and maximize the day. Remember that Disney World is actually four wonder-filled theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Universal Studios features two spectacular theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure. Some attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center and Busch Gardens are only an hour's drive from Orlando. 

Orlando's most popular water attraction, Wet 'n Wild, is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Orlando Science Center offers a break from the parks but doesn't lack exciting things to do. Orlando offers something for people of all ages. Plan ahead to allow for enough time to make a stop at every attraction on your list. And don't forget to use lots of sunscreen.

The Keys to Orlando

The keys to the perfect Orlando vacation start with finding a cheap flight. If peak travel dates are unavoidable, consider flexible travel dates to lower the airfare. Take school vacations into consideration before planning a trip due to inflated prices and larger crowds at every theme park. Direct flights to Orlando may be available due to the high number of popular airlines that fly into the airport. But remember that when 59 million people visit a city in a year, planning ahead is vital to finding the cheapest airfare. Start researching cheap flights and accommodations to Orlando earlier than later to find a flight within your budget.

As a year-round destination, Orlando offers competitive airfare throughout the year. Whether you take a family vacation to remember, make it a getaway for two, or plan a girls' or guys' hangout, you'll enjoy the affordable airfare to Orlando. Orlando is always a good idea.