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Flying into Beautiful Oslo

The Nordic countries, including Sweden and Norway, were once far-flung stops for travelers who dreamed of meeting reindeer or exploring the wild untamed wilderness of these lands. But today, increasing numbers of airlines use these destinations as a stopover en route to Asia. Do you have a long layover in Oslo, or is Norway's capital city your final destination? Either way you’re in for a real treat, as you'll learn in this guide. Oslo is a unique and innovative destination, and your exploration starts as soon as you arrive.
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Anker Hotel
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More About Flights to Oslo

What are Some Things I Should Know Before Booking my Flight to Oslo?

Many major airlines arrive and depart from Gardermoen, Torp, and Rygge airports, including the popular discount airline Norwegian which is making big waves in the European and trans-Atlantic airline market. With so many airlines using Oslo now is a great time to explore this city. Finding and affordable flight to Oslo has never been easier.

Oslo is serviced by three airports; Gardermoen, Torp, and Rygge. Gardermoen is the main domestic and international hub for Norway. When you look for flights to Oslo Gardermoen, you’ll have the most options. Flights to Oslo Rygge are fewer and are on European low-cost carrier Ryanair, as well as Norwegian airlines. Oslo Torp has 21 flights.

When you are booking your flight to Oslo, it is very important to look at which airport you will be arriving into. None of the three airports is located near the city center. The closest is Gardermoen, at 47 kilometers away. Rygge is 65 kilometers from the city center. Oslo Torp is even further, at 118 kilometers. While there are ground transportation options, this should be a factor in where you choose to stay, and could impact the amount of time you will need.

You also should be aware that Norway is not a member of the European Union. They do not use the Euro currency, however they are a part of the Schengen Zone, so a valid Schengen visa will give you access to Norway.  

How do I Get to and From Oslo Gardermoen International Airport?

Oslo has an excellent public transportation system. The Flytoget Airport Express Train departs Oslo’s central station every ten to twenty minutes. It takes just nineteen minutes to reach the airport. Norwegian State Railways also are linked to the airport. The Skien-Oslo-Lillehammer-Trondheim line stops at Gardermoen.

If busses are more your style, there are two airport busses; Flybussen and Flybussekspressen. Both have multiple stops around Oslo and run on a regular schedule, with fares varying by time of day and age of the person traveling.

It is also possible to rent a car or hire a taxi to get to and from the airport.

What Hotel Options can I Find in Oslo?

Anker Hotel in central Oslo and is an affordable option. All rooms come with free WiFi and breakfast. Room types range from singles to family rooms that can accommodate six. Another affordable option is the P-hotels Oslo. This hotel is also centrally located and has plenty of on-site amenities. With several different room categories, free WiFi, and free breakfast, you will be ready for anything.

What can I Do at Oslo Gardermoen on an Overnight Layover?

If you have an overnight layover, you have three options; take the train to the city and rent a hotel, stay in a hotel near the airport, or spend the night in the airport. The last option is the most cost-effective. When you arrive, you will have to go through customs and exit to the arrivals terminal. There are many chairs all over the terminal, some of which recline. There are a few stores open 24 hours, but plan ahead. Bring something warm and some snacks. You also can purchase WiFi access for a reasonable fee.

How Easy is it to Navigate Oslo Gardermoen Airport?

Gardermoen is an easy airport to navigate. There are two main areas, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights. There is also a lot of duty-free shopping! If you’ve got time, grab a package of smoked salmon, which is available in several shops and is incredibly affordable. Nearly all Norwegians speak English, so if you do have questions, it’s easy to get an answer or help.

The far northern reaches of Europe were at one time hard to reach and navigate, but no longer. With a great food culture, friendly people, and gorgeous natural resources, Norway is highly sought-after location.