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Flying into Beautiful Pasadena

Pasadena California is home to movie stars, trendy restaurants, fantastic museums, and more culture than imaginable. Additionally, it is a city that celebrates with beauty through thousands and thousands of roses. Every year, Pasadena and the rest of the country come together to build rose-covered floats and parade them through town. It is a beautiful event to celebrate football -- making Pasadena, with its Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, an American tradition.  Whether you are looking for a cheap flight to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl or you are visiting for fun, the following tips are helpful in planning your next trip.  
Hotels in Pasadena
The Westin Pasadena
$127 avg/night
Sheraton Pasadena Hotel
$110 avg/night
Hilton San Gabriel
$112 avg/night
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More About Flights to Pasadena

What Airport do I Fly Into When Traveling to Pasadena?

Most people assume that they should fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) when traveling to Pasadena, but Burbank Airport, also known as Bob Hope Airport, is the closest and most convenient airport. Rates are no more than LAX with round trip flights from Seattle running around $150.   

Is there Public Transportation from the Airport?

Pasadena overflows with traffic, so take advantage of public transportation when you can. Although there is a fantastic train system that runs through the county, it unfortunately does not go to Pasadena. However, from the airport you can take two city buses and arrive at your destination for under $3.

Are there any Cheap Hotels Near the Airport? 

If you are traveling to Pasadena, you typically won’t be staying near the airport since the Bob Hope Airport is in Burbank. However, if you do find a need to stay near the airport during your visit, there are several cheap options including the Ramada Inn Burbank Airport.

Is there a Bad Time of Year to Find Deals?

Pasadena is famous for many things, but mostly for its Rose Parade and Rose Bowl every January. The city fills with visitors from all around the country. If you are looking for deals on flights, it is best to avoid the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years.  With a convenient airport, public transportation, cheap hotels, and cheap flights, Pasadena is a fantastic city to visit. So don’t wait to plan your next vacation -- go book a flight to Pasadena.