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Flying into Beautiful Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres is a tiny island, roughly 5 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide, surrounded by turquoise blue waters and isolated beaches. Its very location is reason enough to visit. One big concern when preparing to visit is figuring out most direct route to get there, based on the number of flights available from your departure city and the best mode of transportation from Cancun to Playa Mujeres upon arrival. Here's a transportation primer to address those questions along with how you'll get around Playa Mujeres once you finally arrive on island.
Hotels in Playa Mujeres
Izla Hotel
$104 avg/night
Riu Dunamar All Inclusive
$26 avg/night
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More About Flights to Playa Mujeres

Can I get direct flights to Cancun?

Cancun reported more than 17 million visitors in 2014 establishing it as a favorite city for all ages from around the world. Cancun is no longer just a spring break town. At least 805 domestic and 2660 international flights depart from Cancun Airport weekly. Fifty seven airlines do most of this work. These numbers suggest that cheap flights are often available and with a little focus and concentration, the bargains can be yours. One of the best sources for identifying a cheap flight can be found here. 

Once I am in Cancun, what is the safest and most direct way to get to Playa Mujeres?

It is best to make reservations online with one of the airport transfer firms before you leave home. This way a company representative will be waiting for you upon arrival. If time however does not allow for this, just be certain to use the services of a firm authorized by the Cancun Airport Authority for this service, as opposed to a congenial offer from a local, but unknown, driver.  Be sure you know the name of the airport transfer firm so that an easy meet up takes place. Don't worry if there are flight delays. The airport transfer firm will track your flight and wait for you. If reservations are made online, you may pay in advance and get this out of the way. If not, be prepared to pay cash to the driver. 

I know the island of Playa Mujeres is small, but how will I get around on the island?

Cars are simply not the best option for travelers to this island. The large expanse of beach and uninhabited island and a small downtown area that can be easily walked, make driving impracticable. There are bicycles and golf carts for wider exploration. And there are several golf cart rental firms on the island, most well known to everyone. Your biggest concern will be ensuring the golf cart you rent has proper brakes and stable seating. Bring your driver's license and something to identify your cart because most of the carts look pretty much the same. Oh, and remove the key when you are not driving.

Can I take a ferry for a day trip from Playa Mujeres to another town like Playa del Carmen?

If you are on an extended stay in Playa Mujeres and interested in taking a ferry for a trip off island, consider either a day trip to Chichen Itza, the Pre-Columbian city built by the Mayans to Cancun, or possibly a visit to Isla Mujeres. Both require either a public ferry or a private yacht to get off island. Check the ferry schedule of the Magana Express Service from Puerto Jaurez or the UltraMar Service from Gran Puerto. 

Should I tip my drivers?

In a country where tourism feeds many families, it is customary to tip those who have been both cordial and helpful to you even though they might protest or offer their services as a courtesy. It's just good form. If you ask the driver for a service that goes beyond their standard duty, then clearly a commensurate tip is in order and perhaps even an extra fee is due. A stop, for example on the way from the airport to Playa Mujeres, would be a primary example when this might be the case. An excellent suggestion is to bring singles for tips during travel rather than pesos. It will help ensure a good time.  

With direct flights, local transportation options, blue waters, and affordable prices, it's not likely you'll be bored while visiting Playa Mujeres. In addition, you can expect day trippers from Cancun who are escaping the hustle of that busy city to join you in the tranquility you will have come to expect. With an understanding of how you'll get from one place to another, you can relax in the plan you ultimately decide upon whether you decide to drive direct from Cancun to Playa Mujeres or you decide to make a pit stop. The choice is yours.