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Flying into Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Years ago, who would have thought that the small fishing village of Puerto Vallarta would become such a popular place for tourists to visit in Mexico? Today, this beautiful, quiet, fishing village is buzzing with life. Everywhere you look, you see tourists, which has created great opportunities and made this city more appealing to visit -- so appealing that many consider it paradise. 
Hotels in Puerto Vallarta
Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort Spa
$110 avg/night
Rivera del Rio Boutique Hotel
$59 avg/night
Garlands del Río
$64 avg/night
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More About Flights to Puerto Vallarta

Are you looking into cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta and considering a vacation in paradise? If so, the following tips are geared towards making your trip the best it can be. 

What is the Best Time of Year to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

Many people choose to travel to Puerto Vallarta from January to March. They enjoy escaping the cold of their hometown and visiting during whale season. However, this is the most expensive time of year to travel to Puerto Vallarta. 

The best time of year for you to travel to Puerto Vallarta and not spend a lot of money is from April to June. The weather is still very nice, and hotel and airline rates are substantially lower than in the winter months. However, if you are looking for a bargain, look into visiting during the rainy season, from July to September.

What Should I Know Before I Book a Flight to Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta International Airport works with most major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, United, Aero Mexico, and many more. With this large array of airlines, Americans and Canadians alike can depart from a variety of cities with direct flights into Puerto Vallarta. Passengers often choose flights to Puerto Vallarta from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) because there are many direct flights offered every day, and the flight duration is only three hours.

Travelers from Canada looking for direct flights often prefer charter flights to Puerto Vallarta. Although they too can take advantage of the major airlines, smaller charter flights are more likely to offer direct flights. 

Is Public Transportation From the Puerto Vallarta Airport Safe?

Unless your hotel happens to offer a shuttle, most people choose to take advantage of the taxi system. From the airport, guests visit one of the official taxi booths and pay for a ride before exiting the airport doors. Prices are based on the zone system, in which each hotel is assigned a specific zone. Once you pay for a ride, you will walk outside, hand your ticket to the attendant, and they will send you on your way. 

As with any city you travel to, safety is always a concern. Although there are no guarantees, most visitors find the taxi system in Puerto Vallarta to be safe and friendly. Additionally, you don’t need to speak Spanish to get around, but a little knowledge of the language is beneficial.

Is There a Certain Area of Puerto Vallarta Where Hotels are Better Than Others? 

Puerto Vallarta is divided into zones, including the hotel, marina, north, Nuevo Vallarta, airport, downtown, old Vallarta, and south zones. Each zone is not only a different area of the city, it offers a different experience. 

Many visiting guests in Puerto Vallarta choose to stay in the hotel zone, as it is close to the airport and home to many of the larger resorts, such as the Crown Paradise. Other visitors choose to be closer to the Marina and all the great restaurants and shops, and stay at resorts like the Westin Resort and Spa. Ultimately, it isn’t so much about whether one area is nicer than the other, it is about what you want to do and see while on vacation. 

As an International Traveler, What can I Expect to Experience at the Airport in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta International Airport is like most international airports, in that there are several restaurants and shops for you to visit. However, what is unique is the large duty-free area where you can make your last-minute purchases before flying home. 

What is not similar to most international airports is the shark tank. This is the area you pass through on your way out of the airport, where timeshare reps use various tactics to rope you into spending time with them. If you know what to expect, it is no big deal to say no. It is only an issue when you have no idea and are caught off guard by their often friendly and helpful approach. So be aware, and save yourself the time and headache.