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“Read these tips on flying to the San Jose International Airport and budgeting for your visit to Santa Clara.”

Flying into Beautiful Santa Clara

Looking to find a cheap flight to the heart of the Silicon Valley? Situated within an extensive park system within the picturesque San Francisco Bay area, Santa Clara is a great destination that offers more than just tech talk. When making your way towards San Jose, read these tips on flying to the San Jose International Airport and budgeting for your visit to Santa Clara.
Hotels in Santa Clara
The Fairmont San Jose
$153 avg/night
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
$97 avg/night
Hilton Santa Clara
$108 avg/night
Hotel de Anza
$99 avg/night
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More About Flights to Santa Clara

How Do I Book a Flight? 

Prices are competitive among major airlines like Delta and American Airlines, ranging between $200 and $500 for a roundtrip flight ticket. Book to arrive earlier in the day. The airport is easier to navigate in daylight, and you'll avoid missing any public transportation services that stop regular routes in the evening.

What's the Best Way to Get to and From the Airport?

The closest airport to Santa Clara is the San Jose International Airport, about four miles from the city. From here, opt for a short car ride to your hotel. If you're flying into either San Francisco or Oakland International Airports, which are 33 and 37 miles from Santa Clara, respectively, travel on the BART system and local bus for around $12. Once you're in Santa Clara, use the rail lines and public buses that are part of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

What Are Some Nearby Hotels?

You'll find some cheap hotels close to the airport in Santa Clara, like the Motel 6, which usually costs around $100 per night. You'll pay between $50 and $100 more per night to stay in the Holiday Inn or Best Western, and closer to $300 for a night at the Hilton. The latter is a great option if you're visiting the nearby theme park or Levi's Stadium.

Are There Any Additional Travel Tips for My Visit?

The San Jose International Airport is a major travel hub in the Silicon Valley and strives to update travelers via social media. Look for the QR codes or listen in on the audio tour to learn more about their innovative Airport's Art + Technology Program. Enjoy the beautiful California sunshine by taking your tech outdoors and riding the Santa Clara bicycle network. With budget friendly flights and quick access to Silicon Valley, flying to Santa Clara is a great choice.