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Flying into Beautiful São Paulo

The bustling city of São Paulo is the largest city in all of South America, as well as the center of Brazilian business, politics, and culture. This wonderfully chaotic and diverse city draws millions of tourists every year. São Paulo has something for everyone: from the upscale shopping neighborhood of Jardins, to the young nightlife of Rua Augusta, and the hip Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade. If you are dreaming of a visit to this energetic city, read ahead and find the best ways to plan your trip.
Hotels in São Paulo
Novotel Sao Paulo Jaragua
$50 avg/night
Ibis Sao Paulo Congonhas
$40 avg/night
Novotel Sao Paulo Center Norte
$63 avg/night
Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera
$55 avg/night
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More About Flights to São Paulo

How Do I Book a Flight?

São Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport serves as Brazil's entry point for millions of international flights a year.  It is the busiest airport in South America, and hosts direct flights from all continents except Australia and Antarctica. If you're visiting São Paulo from North America, book your flight on United Airlines, Air Canada, or TAM, a highly rated Brazilian airline. If you are leaving from Europe, Alitalia, swissair, KLM, and Lufthansa are your best bets for finding a flight to São Paulo.

What's the Best Way to Get To and From the Airport?

Guarulhos Airport is only 16 miles from downtown São Paulo, and has a bus line called the Airport Bus Services that transports travelers to busy parts of the city. From the airport, you can take the bus to Tiete Bus Terminal, which provides access to the rest of the city, Praca da Republica, Rua Augusta, and Avenida Paulista. You can buy tickets in the airport at Terminal 1, and then expect about a one hour bus ride to your destination. If you like to travel with a little more personal space and comfort, take one of the taxis lined up outside both Guarulhos terminals. The Guarucoop radio taxis charge a flat rate from the airport to the city, and are very safe for travelers. You can tell them apart easily by their blue and white color.

Are There Any Nearby Hotels?

There are hotels near Guarulhos Airport: Pullman SP International Airport if you're on a budget. The São Paulo Airport Marriott is a great choice if you want to splurge a little. However, if you want to really experience the heart of São Paulo, book your stay at one of the hotels on Rua Augusta or Avenida Paulista. If you are on a budget and interested in the city's nightlife, cafes, and street culture, book a hotel on Rua Augusta. Check out the Augusta Park Hotel, which is right on the street, and the Massis Five Stars, close to both Rua Augusta and Avenida Paulista. For a more luxurious stay, book a room right in the financial center of Avenida Paulista. Travelers will love the luxury of the InterContinental São Paulo, and for a truly indulgent experience, check out the L'Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo.

What Should I See?

Whether you're into history, nightlife, urban exploring, art, or pretty much anything, São Paulo has something amazing to offer you. Museums like the Art Gallery of the State of São Paulo and the Catavento Cultural e Educacional will give you a dose of high culture. Walk down Avenida Paulista and Jardins to see how affluent Paulistas live, and then take a break from the hustle of the city in Ibirapuera Park and Jardim Botanico. Then stay up until dawn at the nightclubs in Itaim Bibi, or the bars in bohemian Vila Madalena and Rua Augusta.

Are There Any Additional Travel Tips?

São Paulo is less expensive than most other cities of its size and income, so you can enjoy your stay here without worrying too much about money. Food, drinks, and lodging are all relatively cheap compared to the US and Europe. Locals are helpful and friendly, and many will speak at least some English. However, remember to stay alert, especially at night, and use common sense to keep yourself safe. Other than that, as long as you prepare for the heat and humidity in this semi-tropical city, you will experience the thrill of a lifetime in São Paulo.


You can fly to São Paulo from almost anywhere in the world, thanks to the greatly busy Guarulhos Airport. The affordable lodging in the city, combined with the diverse lifestyles and busy rhythms of São Paulo, will make you wish you had more time to enjoy it all. No matter what you are looking for in a destination, you will find it in São Paulo.