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Flying into Beautiful Seoul

Seoul is always on the move and is known throughout Asia as a technology and entertainment hub. Korea’s capital city is rushing so fast toward the future that sometimes visitors forget about the amazing traditional relics found within this huge city. Afraid you won't be able to keep pace? Don't worry, Seoul mixes action and chaos with hospitality and warmth. With this guide you'll be able to fly to and from Seoul and navigate the city stress-free.
Hotels in Seoul
Tmark Grand hotel Myeongdong
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Loisir Hotel Seoul
$75 avg/night
Sejong Hotel
$95 avg/night
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More About Flights to Seoul

Korea is in Asia. Isn’t it expensive to fly there?

Finding a reasonably priced flight to Korea if doable, as long as you plan ahead. Most airlines begin releasing the cheaper seats as early as five months before takeoff. You can find some deals a month before, but it’s best to play safe and buy in advance. The cheapest flights usually leave during the first part of the week (Monday through Wednesday). With some prior planning, you can snag a round-trip flight to Seoul at or below $1,000.

Prices jump up and sell out during the Lunar New Year (January or February, depending on the Lunar Calendar) and Thanksgiving (September or October). The best times to visit weather-wise are in spring (April and May), when the beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom. But the monsoon rains that dominate the peninsula during summer are right around the corner, so expect a few rainstorms and high humidity.

The absolute best time to visit is in late fall (October and November). Aside from the winter months, these two are the driest and offer visitors a look at some beautiful foliage thanks to dense collections of maple and ginkgo trees throughout the country. 

Where do I arrive? How far am I from Downtown?

Seoul is a short hike away from Korea’s Incheon International Airport. An emerging and massive city in its own right, Incheon has plenty to do, but the true action is in the capital city. Travelers have easy access to Seoul from the airport.

“Limousine” buses and international (English-speaking) taxis wait right outside the arrival gate. Buses are the most economical option and range anywhere from $5-15, while taxis can charge up to $100 depending on your destination.

The most comfortable option is the Airport Express (AREX) train. It has two options: the Express (a reserved seat on the 43-minute ride costs $15) leaves every 25 to 40 minutes, while the Local (limited seating on a 53-minute ride costs $4) departs at 15- to 20-minute intervals. Passengers will arrive at Seoul or Yongsan station, depending on departure time.

Where does someone stay in Seoul? 

The city has tons of lodging options, ranging from $25 backpacker-style guest houses to $400 all-inclusive luxury hotels. Narrowing down your travel itinerary is an important factor in where you’ll stay.

Interested in traditional Korean culture and souvenirs? Look no further than the Jongno district that includes hotspots such as the monumental Gyeongbokgung Palace and the teahouse-heavy Insa-Dong neighborhood. More energetic travelers will jump to the Hongik University (Hongdae) area that’s popular among music lovers.

Myeong-Dong is a shopper’s delight, with a vast collection of duty-free shops and unique fashion boutiques. Finding a place that fits your needs, no matter where, won’t be a problem when visiting Seoul. Everything you want to see is near a prominent subway station and part of Seoul’s always expanding Metro network.

Will I need to speak Korean?

Korea is rapidly changing to become a “global” nation, and with that comes a dedication to learning English. You’ll see English menus and signs and even hear English announcements at train stations and tourist attractions throughout the city. You will encounter friendly smiles and an eagerness to help visitors at every turn.

My flight was delayed. Is there anything to do at the airport?

If you’re ready to go to the airport in advance, you’re in luck. There’s a transit hotel that costs around $40-70 for those looking to stay on site before catching an early flight. The airport also houses a sauna for travelers looking to relax and enjoy a nice, warm shower in between destinations. Catch a movie at the theater, play a round of golf, or go skating at the ice rink, all without leaving the airport.

Even at Seoul's airport, there’s always something special happening. You’ll be amazed when traveling to and staying in this city. Book a flight, and get in on the fun.