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“Visitors to Tel Aviv arrive via Israel’s only major international airport, Ben-Gurion Airport (TLV).”

Flying into Beautiful Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the closest thing Israel has to a city that never sleeps. It’s a young, vibrant, seaside locale with a renowned nightlife scene and plenty of diversions by day as well. Aside from hanging out at the beach, visitors can take in Israeli culture, Middle Eastern markets, boutique fashion, and amazing food. Despite having been founded as recently as 1909, Tel Aviv is also rife with history and boasts some of the best museums in the region.
Hotels in Tel Aviv
Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center
$181 avg/night
Hayarkon Hostel
$20 avg/night
Lighthouse by Brown Hotels
$98 avg/night
Metropolitan Hotel
$105 avg/night
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More About Flights to Tel Aviv

Visitors to Tel Aviv arrive via Israel’s only major international airport, Ben-Gurion Airport (TLV). Here’s the lowdown on flying in and out of Ben-Gurion.

How do I Book a Flight?

ElAl is Israel’s national airline, flying direct to TLV from Los Angeles, Newark, JFK, and several major hubs outside the United States. Non-stop service from Boston is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2015. Prices from the East Coast hover around $1,000, with less expensive tickets available for off-peak schedules, and higher prices in summer, around Jewish holidays, and the winter holiday season. 

Additional major airlines with direct service from the U.S. to Tel Aviv include American, US Airways, Delta, and United.

If you’re coming from Europe, EasyJet offers inexpensive flights directly to Tel Aviv. A flight from London can run as low as $270 at off-peak times, but routes are limited to specific cities. 

Where can I Eat in and Around the Airport?

Ben-Gurion airport does not provide much in the way of food. You can grab a fast food tray or a coffee at the airport, but if you are looking for a serious meal before landing or takeoff, you are better off at the nearby Airport City. This office and industrial complex adjacent to the airport features a sizeable food court, cafes, burger joints, and bakeries. 

What’s the Best Way to Get to and From the Airport?

TLV is actually located about 20 minutes outside Tel Aviv's city limits. Thankfully, Israel's public transportation systems are well-planned, so getting to and from the airport is extremely easy. Shuttles run back and forth to Airport City, which connects with major bus lines from all around the country. 

Israel Railways runs trains from the airport to select destinations in Tel Aviv, with the option to transfer to any number of inter-city trains. There is only one train route inside the city, though, so check whether your destination is within walking distance of a station before setting out.

Taxi services are also readily available at Ben-Gurion Airport. Small, large, and shared taxis can be ordered at the airport’s taxi stand. Don’t be tempted by a driver soliciting you – these are likely unlicensed drivers. Instead, head over to the taxi stand and wait for the dispatcher to lead you to a cab. Taxis are required to turn on their meters, which almost always ring up cheaper fares than the flat price that an unlicensed driver might offer you.

Are There any Nearby Hotels?

The closest hotel to the airport is the Sadot Hotel, located in nearby Be'er Ya'akov. A free, 15-minute shuttle will take you to the hotel, where you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and clean, modern rooms. The Sadot is a bit far from the center of Tel Aviv, though, requiring a 20-minute drive into the city center. 

The Crowne Plaza City Center is a little more expensive than Sadot, but it is situated right in the heart of Tel Aviv. The best part is, you can travel by train to get to and from the hotel and your touring expeditions. The Crowne Plaza is literally minutes away from one of Tel Aviv’s hottest restored neighborhoods, Sarona, where you will find culture, recreation, and shopping.

Are There any Additional Travel Tips?

Security is pretty serious at Ben-Gurion Airport. You may be asked a lot of questions, and lines may move more slowly than you are used to. Don’t joke with the security personnel – instead, just answer them seriously and respectfully, and you will move along much more quickly. On the plus side, you never have to take off your shoes at TLV, and it’s considered one of the safest airports in the world. 

The Tel Aviv airport provides free wireless Internet throughout and even has free trolleys for luggage. There is some great duty-free shopping at the airport too, including liquor, fashion, jewelry, sports equipment, and electronics. As you arrive and depart, you will find conveniently located currency exchange kiosks and multi-lingual ATMs.