Cointrin, Switzerland Hotels
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“Staying about 10 miles from the airport...yields the cheapest rates for Cointrin hotels.”
The center of Geneva is five miles from Geneva International Airport, which is the former Cointrin Airport. In fact, the airport provides a free public transport ticket for those going to Geneva's city center. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes. Nearby rail, bus, and boat connections will take you to several locations. Cointrin, a tourist mecca in Geneva, is close to the Portes du Soleil ski resort. The resort boasts all levels of skiing. There are also plenty of nightlife spots, spas, shopping options, and noteworthy landmarks to discover in Cointrin.
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What budget hotels are available in Cointrin?

Staying about 10 miles from the airport or over the border in France yields the cheapest rates for Cointrin hotels. Places like Atlante Hotel and the Hotel La Place both accept pets and are near the Palazzo Geneva. The average daily rate is $66. Northwest of the airport, Median Geneve Aeroport and Stars Geneve Aeroport also welcome pets and have an average rate of $70 per night, but these hotels are just over the border.

What Cointrin hotels are near the airport?

Right near the airport is the Geneva Airport Bed and Breakfast priced at about $98 per night. Hotel Phoenix and ibis Geneve Aeroport have airport shuttles. The Nash Airport Hotel is nearby as well. The average nightly rate for these hotels in Cointrin is $139. Airbnb's Airport Apartment in Old Farmhouse is just a seven-minute walk from the airport. Its rate is about $111 USD per night.

What is the average price for boutique hotels in Cointrin?

If you’d like to upgrade a bit, staying at Trent Trois costs an average of $211 per night. The hotel has a bus right outside the door that will bring you to the city center. In Geneva's city center, the Excelsior Geneva Hotel is minutes away from Geneva University and Old Town. That hotel averages $252 per night. Plush hotels in Cointrin near Geneva's city center and the airport fetch prices in the range of $600 to $1,200 per night. It's best to find a cheap Cointrin hotel so that you can spend your cash to visit more historic sites and landmarks.