Hotels near American Airlines Center
Dallas' American Airlines Center, which went up in 2001, is a relatively new addition to the city's sporting community, but it's already a much-loved venue for sporting events and other activities. Notably, baseball and hockey fans throng to the city to see the Mavericks and the Stars play on their home turf. Sports fans looking for affordable hotels are in luck because there's a wealth of accommodations very close to the stadium.
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Cheap Accommodation and Close Proximity

It's difficult to get close to some high-profile stadiums, at least without paying for the privilege. However, there's a variety of motels, Airbnbs, and hotels near American Airlines Arena, with rates that run the gamut across every possible price.

For visitors who want a more local experience, an Airbnb or rental is the best option. Airbnbs with uptown views of Dallas and the stadium itself are available for around $159 or less. It's possible to get a one bedroom apartment for as little as $136, while luxurious penthouses go for less than $200. High rise rentals, though slightly further away, still offer stunning views close to the venue.

There's an abundance of hotels and motels near American Airlines Center, as well. Visitors who are willing to stay a few blocks from the stadium can get cheap rates at enviable spots. For instance, Adolphus Hotel, Hotel Indigo Dallas Downtown, Sheraton Dallas Hotel, and Magnolia Hotel Dallas all have comparable rates. They're in the same general area as well, easily within walking distance to the venue. The Hyatt House is practically in the stadium's backyard, however, with rates as low as $149 per night.

If proximity is more important than price, there are both hotels and Airbnb options that cost a little more but keep sports fans and concertgoers closer to the action. For example, W Dallas – Victory is around $271 per night, but it's also within walking distance.

Alternately, if inexpensive rates are a higher priority than proximity, room rates get cheaper further away from the stadium. There are Airbnbs and apartment rentals available for less than $100 per night, with rooms at hotels such as La Quinta Inn similarly low.

Pros and Cons of Proximity

It's understandable for visitors to want to stay close to the venue, whether they're watching a game or coming for a concert. There are certainly advantages to doing so, because it's convenient to walk to the venue. There's no concern about transportation and traffic isn't as much of a problem. Since it's relatively easy to find cheap accommodation near American Airlines Center, it's possible to get close even at the height of baseball or hockey season.

However, visitors may also have to pay higher prices to get close to the stadium, especially if they don't book until the last minute. The Victory Avenue area of the city is typically jam-packed with cars and pedestrian traffic as well, so getting around is a bit difficult even with close proximity.

A Look at the Venue

American Airlines Stadium is the home to Dallas' baseball and hockey teams, the Mavericks and the Stars, respectively. It's also a popular hotspot for concerts and live events. It routinely wins awards as a top venue, owing to its architecture, space, and high-tech features. Because of its Quonset-like appearance, it's sometimes called “The Hangar.”

Tickets for any event are available through the usual outlets, as well as at the stadium itself. They range in price depending on the event, because the stadium's high-tech video capabilities make it possible to show movies. Tickets for movie showings and concerts from local artists are generally cheaper than tickets for games or concerts from big name artists.