Frederiksberg, Denmark Hotels
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“Many of the luxury hotels in Frederiksberg exist inside of 19th and 18th century buildings.”
Frederiksberg seems as if it is a neighborhood in Copenhagen due to its location within the city, but it's actually its own municipality. It's an island surrounded by Copenhagen and has historically been inhabited by those of greater wealth. Not sure if there are cheap hotels in Frederiksberg due to its exclusive nature? Not to worry! There are plenty of inexpensive hotels available, giving the budget traveler an opportunity to explore a beautiful and historic city without having to spend a lot of money. CABINN Scandanavia Hotel and Hotel Sct. Thomas are just two inexpensive hotels on offer.
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What Are the Luxury Hotels Like in Frederiksberg?

Many of the luxury hotels in Frederiksberg exist inside of 19th and 18th century buildings. The Bertrams Guldsmeden hotel, Avenue Hotel Copenhagen, and Frederiksberg Mansion B&B are just a few examples. These hotels average $140 per night, a price some may consider reasonable for the quality of the amenities that are on offer. If a more modern building is desired, the Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Center is the way to go. Everything about the hotel is modern, right down to the rooms and decor, and a room averages $125 a night. 

What Budget Hotels are Available?

Euroglobe Hotel Copenhagen is a true budget hotel. It's more like a dormitory than a hotel, but for those who want to save money, it's perfect. The Annex Copenhagen is a little more luxurious, and rooms are nicely appointed for the average price of $80 a night. The Generator Hostel Copenhagen is situated outside of Frederiksberg, but is more than reasonably priced at $25 a night. Rooms at the Generator come in dormitory style sleeping arrangements or small semi-private or private rooms. 

Are There Airbnb Rentals in Frederiksberg?

There are quite a few Airbnb rentals available in Frederiksberg. Most rentals consist of rooms or apartments due to the urban nature of the location. But, rentals are very reasonably priced when taking into consideration the amount of space and privacy on offer by the average Airbnb home. Prices range from $45 to $110 and average $60 per night.