Kahuku, HI Hotels
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“The average price for an Airbnb home is about $150-200, with some extreme options above or below.”
Kahuku, Hawaii is a paradise of beaches, sunny vistas, and green mountains. Located on the northeast end of the Oahu island, this is an ideal spot for golfing, hiking, fishing, and relaxing on the beach. As quiet as it is beautiful, Kahuku is no place to expect chain hotels every other block, and the hotels available are somewhat far from the city. However, the Airbnb market in Kahuku is extremely competitive. Countless beautiful homes on massive properties offer multiple rooms, sometimes on the same scale as a small hotel.

Hipmunk's Best Hotels in Kahuku, HI

Kuilima Estates West 2
Kuilima Estates West 2
57-101 West Kuilima Loop #2, Kahuku
from $209
Kuilima Estates East 81
Kuilima Estates East 81
57-101 Eleku Kuilima #81, Kahuku
from $210
Kuilima Estates West 169
Kuilima Estates West 169
57-101 Kuilima Drive 169, Kahuku
from $159
Turtle Bay Resort
Turtle Bay Resort
57-091 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku
from $239
Kuilima Estates East 75
Kuilima Estates East 75
57-091 Lalo Kuilima 75, Kahuku
from $0
Kuilima Estates East 47
Kuilima Estates East 47
57-091 Lalo Kuilima Place #47, Kahuku
from $183
More About Kahuku, HI Hotels...

What are the luxury hotels like?

The Kahuku hotel options are very thin compared to the Airbnb lodgings, but the few choices available are worth their price. Turtle Bay is a four star resort near Malaekahana State Recreation Area and Pupukea Beach Park. The resort is a short distance north of Kahuku. It allows guests to bring pets, and offers spa services, child care, a business center, a fitness center, and other amenities not typically expected from Airbnb homes. To the south is Hale Maluhia, a hotel with rooms styled more like homes, with kitchens and wide living spaces.

What are the Airbnb's like in Kahuku?

The average price for an Airbnb home is about $150-200, with some extreme options above or below. Beachfront homes tend to charge higher prices, since they are steps away from private white sand coastline. Take note of the amount of guests the home can fit, as larger properties mean that you are paying for privacy and solitude, even if you're not the only person there. Most of the Airbnb homes are located west of Kahuku, along Kamehameha highway, the same road to take for visiting Kahuku.

How can I find budget Airbnb options?

There are several Airbnb homes inland that are still close to Kamehameha highway, making the drive to Kahuku reasonable. The cheapest options are as low as $70 per night, and there are plenty ranging from that to $140. It's important to remember that most of these options will only offer a room with a single bed, so large groups should look carefully and book in advance, as only a few homes on the lower price end accommodate more than two guests.