Maxwell, IA Hotels
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“For a few extra bucks you can have a room that's good for more than simply hanging your hat.”
Looking for a place to stay outside Des Moines that's a little cheaper than staying in such a big city? If so, consider looking North to hotels in Maxwell, Aimes, and Nevada. For example, the Budget Inn & Suites is only $69 per night. The Budget Inn provides its guests with everything they need: a clean room, bathroom, and desk. Another great option at exactly the same price is the Econo Lodge Ames, which has free WiFi, breakfast, and is even handicap accessible. 
More About Maxwell, IA Hotels...

What are Luxury Hotels like in Maxwell?

The hotels in Maxwell are not luxurious like hotels in New York or the tropics are luxurious. However, for a few extra bucks you can have a room that's good for more than simply hanging your hat. For example, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Ames costs $124 per night for a room or suite. The Fairfield Inn is a lovely little hotel decorated in a refreshing and clean style, featuring blues, greens, and browns. They also have a business center. Similarly, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ames is extremely well reviewed and costs just $119 per night, while the Quality Inn and Suites Starlit costs only $116 per night.

What's the Average Price of Airbnb's in Maxwell?

The average price for an Airbnb in Maxwell is $76 per night putting them right in the range of Maxwell hotels. Yet, if all you're looking for is a private room, it's very possible to find something for as little as $40 per night. If you're willing to share a room or sleep on a couch, you can find yourself a comfortable berth for as little as $35 per night. 

What's the Average Price for Friday or Saturday Night Hotel Stays?

That depends on where you stay, when you visit, and how far in advance you book. For example, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott usually costs around $125 per night (as stated above). However, over the summer, Friday nights rise to $130-140 per night. If possible, book well in advance and visit in the spring or early fall for the cheapest rates.