Hotels near Little Haiti
Miami is famous for its Latin vibe and ethnic diversity. Neighborhoods like Little Havana and Little Haiti formed as immigrants from Cuba and Haiti settled in the area over time. Today, visitors to Miami like to seek out new cultural experiences by staying in or visiting neighborhoods like Little Haiti. Here you'll find art galleries, Haitian stores, and the Little Haiti Cultural Center, which hosts theatrical and dance performances. While there are no recommended hotels in Little Haiti, properties like New Yorker Boutique Hotel are just a short distance away.
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Exploring Little Haiti

One of the biggest questions is whether Little Haiti is safe. It's no secret that Little Haiti has its fair share of crime, which often occurs once the sun goes down. Visitors should use caution just as you would in any other destination. If you are worried about safety, consider renting a car. The airport often has excellent deals on short rentals, especially during low season. Miami's bus system is inexpensive and will get you around neighborhoods like Little Haiti as well.

Travelers wanting to stay close to Little Haiti should look along Biscayne Blvd with cheap motels like Shalimar Motel and Carl's El Padre Motel. There are affordable Airbnb options like Zen Gem or the European Guesthouse nearby. As you head north on Biscayne, Motel Blu, King Motel, and Royal Budget Inn are inexpensive.

Best Time to Visit Little Haiti

Since it's not part of Miami's beach scene, Little Haiti is not heavily influenced by the tourist season. However, flights and hotels can still be pricey during high season. Consider low season, which coincides with the Atlantic Hurricane season (June through September) for the best deals. Try to visit Little Haiti on the 3rd Friday of the month for special cultural events.