Odessa, NY Hotels
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“Right in or near Odessa, Airbnb homes are available for about $100 a night.”
Odessa is a very small village in New York State. You can enjoy the quiet life and explore nature here. A visit to the Sunset View Creamery allows you to experience eating fresh cheese. Also, you won’t be far away from awe-inspiring waterfalls in Montour Falls. If you’re planning to visit this area, you’ll need to find a hotel. Trying to find hotels in Odessa? This guide will show you hotels where you can stay in this rural area. Some of the cheap hotels in Odessa include the Budget Inn Watkins Glen and the Seneca Clipper Inn.
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What Budget Hotels are Available in Odessa?

Odessa hotels cost an average of $110 per night. However, lower priced options are available if you need cheap hotels in Odessa to fit your budget. This small, rural village doesn’t contain any hotels, but neighboring areas, including Montour Falls and Watkins Glen, have a variety of options available to you. The Gorgeous View Motel costs just $80 a night USD, while the Seneca Clipper Inn and the Budget Inn Watkins Glen cost about $90 per night. The Colonial Inn & Motel is a little more at $105 a night, and the boutique Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel costs about $150 each night. 

When's the Best Time to Stay Here? 

You will spend more on a hotel room here on the weekend and during special events in the area. For example, the Gorgeous View Motel goes up to $125 per night on average for Friday and Saturday nights.

What’s the Average Price of Airbnbs in Odessa?

Since you won’t find hotels in Odessa directly, consider renting someone’s home instead through Airbnb. This option costs a similar amount to Odessa hotels, but you will find more available lodgings closer to the village. Also, staying in an Airbnb can help you save money since you can cook in the kitchen instead of eating every meal out. Right in or near Odessa, Airbnb homes are available for about $100 a night. This is a better value than nearby Montour Falls and Watkins Glen Airbnbs, which cost $150 to $300 per night.