Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles Hotels
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“If you look hard enough during the off-season you'll find rates at hotels like Tamarind Hotel around $85 a night.”
Philipsburg, St. Maarten-St. Martin is a pleasant, tropical paradise year-round, with warm weather every season. However, deep in the winter hollows of December through February, the weather seems even more appealing, reaching the high eighties every day. Because of this ideal winter weather, winter is when hotels like the Royal Palm Beach Resort hike their rates for more exclusive travelers. You can avoid these rate hikes if you travel here off-season. During the drier weeks of May and June, and from November to mid-December, you can escape the seasonal rain, and avoid getting soaked by the higher rates at every hotel in Philipsburg!
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What Are Average Rates at Luxury Hotels in Philipsburg? 

Average rates for luxury hotels in Philipsburg begin at the mid $200 range and up. Hotels like the Royal Palm Resort charge around $150 a night during the off-season, and closer to $200 during peak season. With prices like these you can relax in upscale comfort on their private beach or by the pool with a clear conscience. Other hotels in Philipsburg charge much more, like the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, Casino & Spa - All. This all-inclusive resort includes a restaurant, spa, easy beach access, a pool, and a casino with rates around $400 a night even during off-season lows. Divi Little Bay Beach Resort is around $230 a night with a discount.

Are Airbnbs Available in Philipsburg?

If you like the privacy and comfort of an Airbnb, you're in luck. Philipsburg offers Airbnbs of all types. You'll find residential homes close to the beaches, and extravagant villas with in-ground pools and cabanas. Flats nestled up to the sugar sand beaches that sleep four people are also available. Rates average anywhere from $75 per night rooms with basic amenities, to $300 a night for villas.

What is the Average Rate for a Budget Hotel in Philipsburg?

There are budget hotels in Philipsburg. If you look hard enough during the off-season, you'll find rates at hotels like Tamarind Hotel around $85 a night. Rooms are sparse and basic, but who wants to spend time in the room? Pasanggrahan Boutique Hotel offers rates around $140 a night, and it really offers a boutique-style atmosphere.