Playa Mujeres, Mexico Hotels
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“Locals are adamant about keeping their island abode free of the rampant development that has defined Cancun, the city that sits a mere six kilometers away. While close in distance, Isla Mujeres is a world away with its slower pace of life.”
Do you love the picture perfect beaches that Cancun is famous for but abhor the tourist traps, crowds, and party people that give the place its festive reputation? Your escape to Isla Mujeres luxury hotels such as Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres will allow you to experience all that is great about the Mayan Riviera while skipping out on the loud and boisterous areas.
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Locals are adamant about keeping their island abode free of the rampant development that has defined Cancun, the city that sits a mere six kilometers away. While close in distance, Isla Mujeres is a world away with its slower pace of life.

Book in the Early Spring to Avoid the Rainy Season

Those seeking the best chance of having a comfortable and rain-free holiday on Isla Mujeres will want to arrive between December and April, with the early spring months being the driest of the lot. While the latter months fall during the period when Spring Break brings hordes of disruptive college students to the area, Isla Mujeres remains mercifully untouched by this crazy period on the tourism calendar, as locals have worked hard to keep this place's serene atmosphere intact all year round.

While the summer months on the island are wetter, hotter, and more humid than in the dry season, this is the prime time to snorkel and scuba dive with whale sharks.

September and October are the wettest months of the year, and the area is under the greatest threat from hurricanes at this time. Still, for those willing to take a gamble, some of the best hotel deals in Isla Mujeres can be found at places like Ixchel Beach Hotel at this time. Rates can be around 25% lower than what they charge during peak season.

Stay in the Main Town for Affordable Properties

Isla Mujeres is a small island, being no more than 650 meters wide at its broadest point, which means that the lack of land equates to higher prices than on the mainland. That said, there are cheap hotels in Isla Mujeres like Hotel Marcianito where you can spend less than $100 USD on a room, which is the price category that qualifies as affordable on this tiny isle.

The majority of affordable properties will be found in the main town of the island, which is located on the northern shore of Isla Mujeres. An exception to this rule is Villas Coco Resort, which has been reported to offer rates around $94 USD a night on the southern tip of Mujeres.

How to experience Isla Mujeres on the cheap

While it may be tough trying to find a really cheap hotel on Isla Mujeres, delicious local meals in taquerias can be had for $5 USD or less, and alcoholic beverages can be had for around $1 to $1.50 USD a beer, or $3.50 USD for a cocktail, allowing you to save your hard-earned money in other areas.

As for activities to keep you engaged in between authentic Mexican meals, swimming and lounging on incredibly laid back beaches like Playa Norte is one of the most popular. The crystal clear water rivals anything that can be found on the mainland of the Mayan Riviera.

Once you have had your fill of sun, hop in a golf cart and make your way to the other end of the Isla Mujeres, where the ruins of a former Mayan temple and dramatic cliffs await you at Punta Sur. Follow the concrete pathways and admire sculptures installed by local artists while keeping an eye out for iguanas, as many sun themselves of the cliffs and rocky outcrops found here.

Finally, those who love crafts will want to stop by the Women's Beading Cooperative, where local artisans make a variety of beaded crafts and jewelry. Even if you don't end up buying any of their reasonably priced products, the beauty of their creations is well worth seeing solely on their artistic merit.

Consider Staying Near the Airport on the Night Before Your Return Flight

Upon arrival in Cancun, your first order of business will be taking a taxi or bus from the airport to the Isla Mujeres ferry terminal. Located just north of Cancun in Puerto Juarez, boats leave for Isla Mujeres every half hour from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., in addition to other boats that leave from various locations in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Being separated from Cancun airport by a lengthy ferry and a taxi ride, you may wish to stay in a hotel near the Cancun airport on the night before your return flight home. If you decide to go this route, staying at a place like Courtyard By Marriott Cancun Airport will provide you with a comfortable last night in Mexico, and with it being close by to the TPC Cancun at Cancun Country Club, avid golfers can play a round on a championship-caliber course, allowing them to end their holiday on a high note.

Hostels Offer Budget Accommodations

While most accommodations on this paradise island have been focused on places in the mold of Casa Ixchel, boutique hotels in Isla Mujeres are finally being complemented by budget friendly places that backpackers can afford.

The most popular (and only) hostel on the island is Poc na Hostel, which offers beach volleyball courts, a pool table, and bunks from $12 USD a night. Those not into the party scene will want to seek out a budget hotel, as this hostel can get quite loud.

Find Affordable, Quiet Options Through Airbnb

With many budget hotels being continually busy through the high season, the introduction of Isla Mujeres Airbnb options have added a badly needed injection of quality properties to this pocket-sized paradise. Those on a budget and seeking quiet from the busyness of the main town will love a cute studio on the southern shore, while those wanting to be in the heart of the action will love a simple but clean two-bedroom apartment in the center of town.