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Adventure Sport Hotels in San Francisco

Nothing gets the blood pumping like action sports. The great outdoors was meant to be celebrated through intense athletic challenges that build character and muscles while burning massive amounts of calories. California is home to many invented extreme sports, and its popularity as a tourist spot for competitors is constant. Hipmunk understands that finding a hotel at the perfect location for your carefully-planned adrenaline junkie vacation is tricky. Here are eight hotel suggestions for quality rooms that keep diehard action sports fans close to where the action is.
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The Hotel Drisco
San Francisco is nestled beside the Pacific Ocean, which means it provides access to huge strips of beachfront property. That makes the city a haven for all major water sports. The Hotel Drisco is located on Pacific Avenue, so you know it will address all your aquatic needs. Sailing is a popular option here, but you are a sturdier sort. You will be more interested in parasailing and paragliding, both of which are available within a short distance of the property. If this is your first time, remember that while both activities are thrilling, neither is cheap.
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San Francisco Marriott Marquis
Aggro sports aficionados will love the location of the San Francisco Marriot Marquis. It is situated within two miles of several potential activities. If you bring your bike with you, there is a trail only a mile away. Then again, biking trails are a bit conventional. You probably want something a bit more hardcore. Consider riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit from the hotel to a mountain biking trail 19 miles away. If you want a workout without wasting time on travel, rock climbing is available 2.1 miles from the hotel. Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco/Oakland Bay BridgeOf course, regular surfing is not extreme enough for some athletes. Do you count yourself among those who prefer windsurfing or at least want to cross it off your bucket list? San Francisco Bay is globally recognized not only for its windsurfing but also for its training. Take a class from a local company such as 101 Surf Sports, and you will be well on your way to mastering one of the most thrilling action sports. Alternately, try your hand at kayaking. There are rentals available at several locations close to this Hilton Garden Inn.
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Hilton San Francisco Downtown/Financial District
Don’t let the name fool you. The Hilton San Francisco Downtown's strongest selling point is the view. It offers 360-degree views of the San Francisco Bay, plus it is situated close to North Ocean Beach, which has become the preferred location for many kitesurfers. The vast beach affords riders one of the best flying sensations on the West Coast. Keep in mind that the notoriously tricky winds off the Pacific Ocean create complications. This one definitely isn’t for beginners.