Simpson Bay, Netherlands Antilles Hotels
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“Simpson Bay and Saint Martin hotels are hospitable and welcoming to guests all year round.”
Often considered a day stop for cruise ships, Simpson Bay and the island of Saint Martin offer so much more to tourists than a quick day stop. Located between the French and Dutch sides of the island, Simpson Bay offers tourists a unique look at two different cultures on the Caribbean's "Friendly Island." With such a small population on an even smaller island in the Atlantic Ocean, travelers may worry about getting the best deal on their hotel rooms. How can modern adventurers get the best deals in Simpson Bay? Would-be islanders can find the best deals and advice on Hipmunk.
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When is the best time to visit SimpsonBay?

As one of the islands that rest in the middle of the Caribbean, Simpson Bay and Saint Martin hotels are hospitable and welcoming to guests all year round. However, it's not always smooth sailing in paradise. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November every year. Discount hunters who don't mind the rain that hurricane season threatens every year can find discounts at the best Simpson Bay Hotels, including the Belmond La Samanna.

Are there Airbnb properties available in SimpsonBay?

Airbnb properties are available across Simpson Bay and Saint Martin for those travelers who want to truly live like a local. Many rental properties line Rue de Sandy Ground, the main thoroughfare along the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

For those travelers who want to truly live adventurous, some Airbnb properties aren't on ground, but instead offer a yacht for rental. Those who want to live on the water need to budget appropriately, as Airbnb house yacht rentals can run upwards of $200 per night.

What Budget Hotels are available in Simpson Bay?

Because of the remote nature of Simpson Bay and Saint Martin there are many budget hotels found on the island. As a major tourist destination, many Saint Martin hotels offer the amenities of a chain hotel at a great price. The Le Flamboyant - Le Village and Mercure St. Martin Marina and Spa offers guests all the amenities of a major hotel at an affordable price.