The Rocks, NSW Hotels
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“Possibly because of the over-saturation of extremely inexpensive hostels, there aren't very many cheap hotels in The Rocks.”
Can't find cheap hotels in The Rocks for your trip down under? Then you're clearly not looking hard enough! The Rocks, Australia, is a hub for backpackers, and as such, is bursting with cheap hostels. For example, the Jolly Swagman Backpackers is a clean, well-rated hostel that'll provide you with a bed (albeit a bunk bed) for just $26 per night. Now, if you're looking for something with a little more privacy, that could cost you. 

Hipmunk's Best Hotels in The Rocks, NSW

Sydney Harbor Town Houses - Longs Ln
from $0
Mercantile Hotel
Mercantile Hotel
25 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney
from $57
Sydney Harbor Town Houses - Carahers Ln
Sydney Harbor Town Houses - Carahers Ln
13 Carahers Lane, The Rocks
from $0
More About The Rocks, NSW Hotels...

What Budget Hotels are Available in The Rocks?

Possibly because of the over-saturation of extremely inexpensive hostels, there aren't very many cheap hotels in The Rocks. Most hotels are upwards of $100 per night, though you might be able to find something for slightly less if you track down a sale. For example, though rooms in the Devre Hotel are usually $110 per night, at the time of this writing, they are on sale for $87 per night. However, if you cannot find that kind of deal, even cheap chains, such as Travel Lodge, are fairly expensive. The Travel Lodge Sydney, for instance, charges $149 per night. 

What's the Average Price of a Luxury Hotel in The Rocks?

Pinning down an average price for The Rocks hotels is rather challenging because the range is so broad. If you want the very best, you could pay as much as $1,680 per night to stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney in what looks like the penthouse of a CEO whose company just had a really good third quarter. However, it's also very possible to get a thoroughly luxurious experience for around $259 per night. In fact, that's exactly what the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney charges. Walking into this five-star hotel is like entering an interactive art gallery. The paintings on the walls, the area rugs, and the furniture, are all meticulously chosen. 

Are Airbnbs Available in The Rocks?

Yes! In fact, Airbnbs arguably fill the $20 to $100 void left by The Rocks hotels. There are plenty of beautiful Airbnb rooms, and even entire houses, available for between $30 and $90.