Hotels near Tokyo Disneyland
If you're looking to plan a fantastic family vacation to Tokyo Disneyland, you'll want to secure affordable accommodations close to this famous attraction. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap hotels in the area with enjoyable amenities like swimming pools, on-site restaurants, and even a sauna.
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Finding Lodging near Tokyo Disneyland

Since there are plenty of budget-friendly hotels near Tokyo Disneyland, vacationers have their pick. The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel features character rooms that are sure to delight your children, while the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel has a restaurant located in the 11-story atrium that serves Western-style cuisine. Yet another choice is the APA Hotel Chiba-Yachiyo-Midorigaoka. Here you can take advantage of the spa services or grab a caffeinated beverage in the cafe.

Things to Do in Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland was first opened in April of 1983 and currently hosts more than 17 million visitors each year. The resort has many of the attractions that you would expect to see at a Disney theme park, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean coaster ride, the Mark Twain Riverboat ride, and the popular Pooh's Honey Hunt. When you're ready to grab a bite to eat, why not try the burgers with Mickey Mouse shaped buns at Tomorrowland's Plaza Restaurant, or watch Woody and Jessie from Toy Story sing and dance while you eat at The Diamond Horseshoe.

Getting around Tokyo

Tokyo has its own subway system, which makes getting around the busy city easy and affordable. Buses are also readily available; however, their routes are not as direct. It is easy to get lost in Tokyo, which is why some visitors prefer to stick with hailing taxis when traveling around town. Guests who stay in a cheap hotel close to Tokyo Disneyland won't have any problem budgeting for a cab.

Leave Time to Visit Nearby Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland isn't the only popular site in town. There are plenty of other must-see attractions to put on your list. The Tokyo Skytree is a tower with a restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city. Don't miss Ueno Park, which is home to a zoo, several museums, and even an amusement park. Nature lovers will appreciate Chinzan-so Garden. Here you'll see native Japanese flowers, in addition to historic artifacts and an ancient watermill and stone lantern. Finally, travelers can visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum and learn more about Tokyo's history.