West Palm Beach Hotels
Whether you're fleeing winter weather, traveling for business, or simply looking for a great beach vacation, it's tough to beat West Palm Beach, Florida.
More About West Palm Beach Hotels...

Cheap hotels in the area, such as the Best Western West Palm Beach, do a roaring trade all year so if you want a good rate it's important to know when to visit.

The Best Time to Visit West Palm Beach 

For the best price and overall experience, visit West Palm Beach in April or May. The thermostat rarely dips below sixty degrees, it's almost always sunny, and the fares are reasonable. 

If you can, avoid summer and winter. During the summer, families flock to West Palm Beach because children are out of school, while winter is West Palm Beach's busy season, leading to a significant uptick in prices. 

Of course, you might think it's worth it to escape your arctic hometown. Your call. 

Where to Stay for Work

Although there are many hotels in the West Palm Beach area, if you're staying for work you should consider one of the cheap hotels near the airport. Most of these hotels have shuttle services and are convenient to the city, the beach, and the airport.