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of business trips

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What is Concur Hipmunk™?

Concur Hipmunk™ takes the work out of business trips. You’ll no longer have to click through dozens of booking sites while calculating how far the hotel is from your meeting or if you’ll have enough time to make your flight. You won’t get caught off guard by flight delays or cancellations, or get stuck tracking down your hotel, airline, and car rental receipts at the end of a trip.

Find The Best Option

Search once to see all your travel options and ways to book. Sync your calendar with Concur Hipmunk™ to quickly find hotels near your meetings and flights that get you in on time.

Get Perks

Easily compare thousands of options in seconds, including deals exclusive to small businesses. You can earn reward points and miles with select partners.

We'll Handle the Rest

Instant connections between Concur Hipmunk™, TripIt Pro, and Concur Expense do the hard work for you. Expense reports can write themselves, travel plans stay organized, and flight alerts help you stay one step ahead throughout your trip.

Look for this marker to see deals exclusive to small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Concur Hipmunk™ work?

Concur Hipmunk™ takes the work out of business trips by finding hotels near your meetings, flights that get you in on time—and more. Log into Concur Hipmunk™ with your Concur username and password, run a search, and pick your flight, hotel, or rental car.

How does Concur Hipmunk™ work with TripIt Pro and Concur Expense?

Once you’ve booked your trip, instant connections between Concur Hipmunk™, TripIt Pro, and Concur Expense do the hard work for you. Your travel plans will stay organized and in one place and you’ll be one step ahead with helpful flight alerts and reminders throughout your trip. Your expense reports can write themselves, when the biggest expenses are added for you.

Will I still earn my points and miles?

In most cases, you’ll still earn points and miles if you choose to book directly through the airline, hotel, or car rental company. The way that you earn those points and miles is ultimately dependent on what’s available when you book, which partner you book through, and your reward program policy.

What if I am booking a personal trip?

You can use Hipmunk for your personal trips. However, because you’ve connected your Concur Hipmunk™ and Concur Expense accounts, when you book a business trip, your itinerary and receipt will be sent to Concur Expense. To prevent this, select “Leisure” on the Concur Hipmunk™ homepage before running a search.

If you forgot to flag your trip as a personal trip ahead of time and you’d like to remove your plans from Concur Expense, go to the "Remove Trips" tab on the Trips page in Concur to delete it from your account. If an e-receipt is also showing in your Concur Expense account, you can simply delete it.

Please note that exclusive discounts are only available when booking business trips.