Hipmunk FAQ

What is Hipmunk?

Hipmunk is a remarkable travel search site that aims to take the agony out of travel planning. The goal is to help you book travel faster and more efficiently.

How are you different from other travel search sites?

We show you all the relevant flight or hotel results on a single page and make it easy to compare your options. For example, we represent flights in a visual "timeline" that makes it easy to understand the tradeoffs between flights. Hipmunk was designed to help people who are overwhelmed with pages of irrelevant search results.

What is Agony, and why would I want to sort by it?

We know that price isn't the only factor that goes into purchasing a flight. While other sites sort by price, Hipmunk automatically sorts results by "Agony," which is primarily a combination of price, flight duration, and number of stopovers.

What is Ecstasy, and why do I want to sort by it?

Similar to our Agony sort with flight search, we recognize that price isn't the only factor that goes into buying hotels. We sort by "Ecstasy," which is a combination of price, amenities, and reviews.

Do you sell flights and hotels?

Yes! And rental cars and vacation packages too. Once you find the best flight and / or hotel, we send you directly to partner sites (airlines, hotels, and online travel agencies) to book. You also have the option of booking hotels directly on our site.

Do your fares / rates include taxes and fees?

Yes. However, baggage fees are not included for flights. For hotels, we do our best to represent relevant fees and taxes in our search results however may sometimes not have access to local hotel tax, tariff, or service charge information until you get to a booking confirmation screen either on our site or our partners'.

Can I enter my frequent flier or rewards program number?

Usually. We partner with many sites and many of them, particularly the airlines and hotel chains, support this when you land on their site to book.

How can I change or cancel my booked flight / hotel?

Check your booking confirmation and verify who you received it from. You'll need to contact that site to make any changes.

Can I search for child or senior fares?


Are you owned by any airlines or online travel agencies?


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