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  • “A dash of artificial intelligence lets you search for flights and hotels without actually searching for flights and hotels”

  • “The Movie 'Her' Is Coming to Life With Virtual Travel Assistants”

  • “Hipmunk’s new ‘Trip Planning’ feature lets you obsess over your upcoming vacation”

Our Hello Agents

Let us do the searching for you using all your favorite apps.

Hello Email

Email hello@hipmunk.com for travel advice and recommendations.

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Hello Calendar

Integrate your calendar to get travel suggestions on your out-of-town events.

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More Platforms

Get instant travel advice in Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack.

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Hello tips

You can talk to the Hipmunk like a person.

  • You can ask for advice about when and where to go

    Bit by the travel bug and need help getting started? The Hipmunk can help you as you start thinking about where to go or when to go. You can even include types of trips such as “romantic”, “beach”, “foodie”, or “adventure”, and we’ll use this to tailor our responses.

    Examples: “What are the best dates to fly from Seattle to Honolulu in the month of June for a 5 day trip?" "I need recommendations for a romantic trip from Los Angeles during my time off work (July 18-24)." “I want to go somewhere from Chicago in the winter.”
  • You can search using custom preferences

    If you have specific preferences such as non-stop, particular airlines, or the cheapest price, the Hipmunk is smart enough to understand your custom preferences.

    Examples: “I want a non-stop flight from New York to Nashville on Oct 28 and I prefer American Airlines.” "I'm looking for a non-stop flight from SFO to BOS leaving 7/15 and returning 7/17."
  • You can search for weekends and holidays

    The Hipmunk lives for the weekend! If you are looking for specific days of the week, weekend, or holidays, the Hipmunk understands and will return results for the most commonly requested dates.

    Examples: “I need a flight from Atlanta to Bermuda for Labor Day weekend.” “I’d like to fly to San Diego next weekend.”
  • You can search for exact dates and destinations

    If you have a specific question and know your exact destination and dates, you can ask Hello Hipmunk and get bookable options instantly. Easy peasy.

    Examples: “I need to fly from San Francisco to Houston on October 18-24.” “I’d like a hotel in Nashville on July 18-21.”


Let The Hipmunk do your digging! Whether you're planning a group trip, or just checking out prices, loop in The Hipmunk to instantly receive helpful, bookable, and sharable flight and hotel options.

Hello Calendar

Hipmunk can help you stay on top of your travel-booking needs. When you enable Google Calendars, we’ll notify you with personalized flight, hotel and car rental suggestions based on your out-of-town events.

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Hello Hipmunk is now on Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack! Chat with us to plan your next trip.

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