Hipmunk Launches AI Travel Planning Assistant, ‘Hello Hipmunk’

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By: Hipmunk Staff “Hey, it’s Mom. Have you booked your flight for Christmas?” It’s an email we’ve all received in one form or another, one which essentially turns travel planning into a dreaded to-do list. People consistently say, “I still… Continue Reading →

Space Center Smackdown: Cape Canaveral vs Houston

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By: Hipmunk Staff There’s nothing under the sun that captures the imagination quite like outer space. With the discovery of water on Mars, the meteoric rise of Matt Damon’s new film, “The Martian”, and the impending release of the new… Continue Reading →

The Most Expensive Place to Travel to See a Game in the NFL: Part I, The NFC

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By: Hipmunk Staff Each NFL team only plays 16 games per year, half on the road. That means there are only eight chances to root for your team on your home turf. Surely, you’d need more money than common sense… Continue Reading →

‘Discover’ Hipmunk’s New App Design + Inspirational Travel Feature

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By: Hipmunk Staff Avid Hipmunk mobile users may have noticed a slight aesthetic difference in our iOS app lately. Yup, our app underwent a makeover and came out looking like an upgraded version of itself, with a sleek design and one newly added feature…. Continue Reading →

That Was In My Hotel Bed?!

There’s no better feeling than coming back to a freshly cleaned hotel room. After a long day attending a conference or sight-seeing in a new city, we take off our shoes, turn on the TV, hop up on the bed,… Continue Reading →

Protect Your Data During the Year’s Busiest Travel Weekend

If you ever travel with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, your data is at risk of being lost or stolen. Whether it’s the result of a bag disappearing, a drink being spilled, or a cybercriminal hacking your online accounts, data… Continue Reading →

A Half-Smoke is NOT a Half-Smoked Cigarette

By: Aparna Krishnamoorthy, The Hungry Travelist Chicago has deep dish pizzas, Philadelphia has cheesesteaks, New Orleans has po’boys, and Washington, DC, has half-smokes. “Half-smoke?” you may be thinking. “What’s that?” To the untrained eye, they may appear to be any other… Continue Reading →

What the REAL ID Act Means For Your Travels In 2016

If you’re planning to fly after 2015, heads up: A driver’s license might not be sufficient identification for boarding an aircraft, even if you’re flying domestically. That’s because new restrictions on IDs used to board commercial aircraft are slated to… Continue Reading →

The Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Car for Vacation

For anyone who’s been living under a rock, we’re here to break the bad news: In the U.S., Thanksgiving is the busiest travel period of the year—and if you’re planning to rent a car, the competition is going to be… Continue Reading →

Hipventures: Iceland

By: Hipmunk Staff Hipmunk’s content strategist, Fiona Moriarty, took a break from, well, strategizing content and headed off to Iceland to take a much-needed breath of fresh air after some big life changes. A competitive triathlete, Moriarty refused to sacrifice her… Continue Reading →

What To Do if Something Gets Stolen from Your Luggage at the Airport

A TSA agent at New York’s JFK International Airport made headlines this week for stealing a $7,000 luxury watch that a passenger accidentally left in security. This isn’t the first time the TSA has been charged with theft. A 2012 ABC News… Continue Reading →

5 Thanksgiving Day Parades Worth Seeing in Person

Since 1863, when President Lincoln proclaimed it a federal holiday, Thanksgiving has marked the official beginning of the holiday season. Many traditions have developed around the day over the decades from the standard turkey dinner with family, food drives to… Continue Reading →

Flying to Europe Might Get a Whole Lot Cheaper… in 2017

The airline Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA just announced its plan to sell $69 one-way tickets to Europe from select U.S. airports. The initiative is slated to roll out by as soon as 2017 (although for would-be international travelers, “soon” might be… Continue Reading →

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