How to Make Money While Traveling Internationally

6 Ways to Pay Your Way While Traveling

Ready to truly live the dream? Traveling across oceans doesn’t necessarily mean one has to drain their savings in the process. There are a handful of different ways any traveler can see the world yet still make money while traveling. Plus, it’s a great way to experience a place differently than simply as a tourist.

See these six ways anyone can make some cash while globetrotting. And remember: A good tip for anyone who is thinking of working on-the-go is to have a PayPal account set up, which many places around the world use for payments (unless doling out cash).

Learn How to Make Money While Traveling

Make Money While Traveling

1. Seasonal Work

The great thing about seasonal jobs is there’s high-demand for specific work cut out in a clearly-defined period—perfect for someone on the move. These types of jobs range from a ski instructor in The Alps, to a lifeguard in Australia or rafting guide in Nepal. Plus, it’s a great way to meet locals and tourists alike, while staying outside and active.

2. Find a Hostel

A hostel where someone is staying could easily turn into a money-making venture. Often, hostels have needs for cooks, cleaners, and people working the front desk. This can be in exchange for room and board, or even for cold hard cash. Hostel Travel Jobs is a great resource to explore openings around the world, and gives travelers a way to interact with other wanderlusters just like themselves.

3. Freelance

If someone is looking for a bit more freedom, freelancing is a great way to stay independent and not be tied down to a specific work schedule. Take a skill—writing, consulting, development, or design—and build up a client base before shipping out. Then, stay organized with a schedule to make sure there is enough work at a reasonable pace, then use the remaining free time to see the world without wrecking the wallet.

4. Try a Restaurant

As long as there are no language issues, restaurant work is a great option for anyone who is traveling abroad. Whether it’s being a server, bartender, or sous chef, there are countless ways to head into the food industry without needing to be an expert. Just make sure to find out what the pay is like, and how tips work, since many places around the world don’t include gratuity into someone’s wage.

5. Be an Au Pair

This word may be french, but being an au pair isn’t only reserved for the Parisians, though there are a hefty amount of opportunities to au pair in Paris! (Just see this resource.) But first, back to the basics: Being an au pair consists of living with a family and doing housework, child care, or other chores, in exchange for room and board. Depending on the program, some places even offer weekly stipends and paid time off. Win win.

6. Teach English

This is a job that can virtually be done anywhere; a ton of places around the world offer teaching opportunities, from small stints to year-long projects. Typically, countries in Asia are known for great programs that pay well, and also offer housing and special bonuses. This is also great for resume-building, making it easier to hop back into the job market after returning home.

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  1. maybe also checking into the visa requirements for working in the countries you are considering might be one of the first things to check????

  2. Enjoyed the articles about earning money while traveling. Not sure I’m cut out for most of the ideas…but the “teach English” appeals to me. I’ve seen that idea many times. How does one go about that without knowing the language in the country where English would be taught? What sort of requirements are there for such a post? How many hours per day are required? I’d be very interested in this sort of “job”. Even one where little more than room and board were provided as payment.

    Thanks for your help,
    Phillip Stephens

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