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Hipmunk Co-Founders Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman recently toured San Francisco’s most high-tech, high-end chocolatiers, TCHO. They share their tasty tales with us!

A friend of mine snagged tickets for a private tour of one of San Francisco’s high-end chocolate makers, TCHO. I brought along Hipmunk Co-Founder, Steve. It smelled like chocolate from the moment we walked in the door.

We kicked off our tour by learning about the intense attention to quality and care that goes into the growing, harvesting, and fermentation of TCHO’s chocolate beans. TCHO is helping underdeveloped countries, like Ghana in Africa, by growing their product there.
Photo source TCHO.com

TCHO is dedicated to keeping elements such as preservatives and artificial additives out of their end product and use several high-tech processes, such a metal detectors, to prevent machinery flints from tainting their final product. All this tech in their chocolate makes sense considering TCHO was started by the Founders of Wired Magazine.
We were then treated to an orchestrated chocolate tasting and presented with samples of TCHO’s various flavors, such as “citrus” or “floral”, as shown on their infamous flavor wheel. They were tastily true to their names!
Photo source: Apples to Apples

I’d never done a chocolate tasting before and was surprised at how distinct the flavors tasted from one another. I learned a lot about how TCHO is an intersection of San Francisco’s finest industries: tech and food. You can take a private or public tour, any day of the week and experience TCHO firsthand next time you’re in San Francisco, hanging around Pier 17.

– Adam and Steve

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