A night in Calgary (the airport)

Did you know that it’s possible to visit Calgary in the dead of winter without changing from a California wardrobe? Recently, Joe, our biz dev guy, and I did just that when we visited WestJet headquarters (did you know they offer direct flights from Los Angeles?).

Our 18-hour whirlwind started with a 30-yard dash through 20-degree weather out of the terminal to the Delta Calgary Airport hotel across the street. We dropped out bags and grabbed a little dinner. We had some great B.C. sockeye salmon with artfully arranged vegetables, risotto with tarragon, and a Mission Hill merlot (yeah, they make wine in Canada, too).

The next morning, we went back across the street for a true slice of Canada – some Tim Horton’s coffee and the requisite box of Timbits to bring home before jumping a cab to WestJet headquarters on the other side of the runway.

The folks at WestJet had expansive views of planes taxiing (Joe loves planes) on one side and the Calgary skyline on the other. We liked their lobby so much, we had to take a picture. Check out my phone’s new panorama camera mode.
We had a great meeting and made our flight home with the promise to return in proper winter clothes for some skiing.

– Julie

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